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Im level 1 at fillianores rest trying to beat gael, use to get invasions cause i had the watchdog covenant but now my weapons are upgraded to high. Wondering if you put the high lvl weapons in ur item box if it would allow for more pvp.
It doesn't
I used to be level 100-120 at Soul of Cinder just by not losing my souls 24/7...
I'm on ng+3 at SL 274, and killed the soul of cinder in a few minutes, how should the dlc be for me? (All stats 40+)
At sl 274? should be a breeze, as long as you know what you are doing, good luck
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I've kept within the level ranges throughout each area but my highest weapon upgrade is still +1. Could that be why I'm not seeing any summon signs anywhere despite being embered and online? Do people actually follow this?
well normally people have +9/+10 weapons by the end of the game
That is exactly why you cant summon anyone.
Hmm running through catacombs with a +2 uchigatana and soul level 36... well that'd explain why I had to take it slower... maybe I'll level some lol.
Did dancer when i was sl41 went back and did everything until catacombs then went for Lotheric Castle (my weapon got to 9 @the castle) did the dragonslayer and went back for pontiff @ sl73 :) #2ez4me
I am sl 30 at anor londo, with weapon +6 upgrade. I cannot see summon signs and i can also rarly now invade. Why is this happening?
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This DS3 seems so easy compared to previous ones or Demons souls. My 3½ year old just killed pontiff yesterday at ng+ SL119 without rolling or shielding. He had Anri there to tank ofc and I kept saying when to quaff estus but still.. Oh those times when one tried to make demons world totally white or dark and then beat phantoms.. those were the times
First time I've ever been impressed by a three year old... Watch out, he might go pro!
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Is this some form of sarcasm?
yeah, and some wind that came from my window defeated pontiff ng+118 SL1 naked with no weapons and with no estus or items
Why so many dislikes? This is dark souls community where everyone seek even harder challenges, or is it Lego Star Wars community? Still, don't remind me about those phantoms, when a phantom is harder then a boss, you are doing something wrong. Ds 3: 22 rolls, straight swords being meta, you can get ss with highest AR as a starting class, punishing invasions. At least dlc and secret bosses were mostly ( the giant wolf) good. Also you forgot the marvels of poison area in Demon souls.
If you're summoning then of course it seems easier. Git gud
My five year old doesn't even know how to move the camera. Should I be concerned? :\