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I wish that there were concrete rewards tied to what you dropped them. Got my fourth titanite Slab in a row now when I could really use a Petrified Dragon Bone or a titanite Chunk
Whether I use a petrified, large, or small stone I seem to have a 50% chance to get a demons great hammer. Halfway through the game and I have about 15 demon hammers.
Sell a few to Gavlan. More souls!
I got a human effigy from a small smooth and silky stone once
I got both the trident and the whip from a small and silky stone. Luck, I guess.

Disappointed with the durability on the Trident, however.
Well every weapon is made of wet cardboard
Just stack up on repair powder
lol i used 17 smooth and silky stones and 5 petrified somethings and still didnt get the white ring
Got white ring very first time I left a small smooth and silky stone
I got it 5 times in a row ._.
titanite Slabs are way too common. I'm nearly halfway through this game and already got five of them from these guys.
it's considered bad but when you can alocate your stats it makes sense that you have more slabs in your game. Just not make them farmable would be my advice. DS3 pretty much nailed it for me.
I've gotten a bunch of Amber Herbs and Lifegems from dropping Prism Stones, but they're not listed here.
Yeah I remember getting those with small silky stones and prism stones.
So every time I get a white ring or demons great hammer all I want is the trident
I just got the Trident. It sucks.
I think he wants it for the buff...
strong powerstanced attack is pretty neato for buildups. even if you can use it only like 4 times :P
First try and got the white ring LOL
I'm getting it way too often... I got it four times in a row. To the point where that damn thing is reason enough for me to restart... Now I got the Demon Hammer, and tried it, since I'm using a hammer build. Why the hell did I sell it every time? I mean, it took plenty investments in Strength and Equip Load, but boy, does one-shotting everything pay off for it...
Yah! Yah! So nice so mooth, Now here's your 10th old whip!