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I don't know if this is a glitch or not but i found a way to stop him from going phase 2. I was fighting him with two summons and when he went down on his knee to enter stage 2 we just kept attacking him and we managed to stagger him out of it before he slammed his axe on the ground and while Stage 2 did happen with the butterflies attacking us he was stuck in stage 1
You said his left, that is wrong, you have to dodge to his right to avoid his sweep attack
I'm watching Grant from TFS circle strafe to Dragonslayer Armour's left to avoid the sweep completely as we speak.
And when he circle strafed to its right, he got hit.
You can bait the miniboss in the DLC to follow you to the Ringed City Streets bonfire shortcut (past the Ringed Knights and before Shared Grave). He will get stuck at the door and you can finish him off there without taking much damage.
Don't bother to cosplay him. He is a str/fth hybrid build, needs a lot of vitality and the final nail in the coffin is the moveset of the axe that will make you an easy victim in pvp. Would be a different story if we would get bonus stats for wearing the complete set + weapons like it is in Diablo 2 for example...
I find it to be a really fun combination. here's the trick: use your greatshield! instead of making a -70% load build make a -100% load build and upgrade your shield for max stability.
For someone who maxes every stat and doesn't give a crap about PvP, this could be a fun cosplay.
Cause a paradox by using the arendel route to the ringed city, beating him then wear the armour to kill his boss version. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
It was his brother. His twin brother. He had reverse amnesia.
That's not a paradox, it's more of a paradox to kill this one first, since RC takes place after base game
You know what's better, fighting him on NG+3 with his armor, shield, and axe.
He becomes your b_tch when you get the Dragonslayer's Greatshield, and a decent frost weapon or anti-abyss weapon. :) -Mikko
This only works on NG+ though, you need to kill him first to transpose his soul into the shield in NG.
Vordt's Mace OWNS this fight.
I summoned one help for the boss fight only to get a dude Using exile like I am. Boss was dead within a minute. Im dissapointed. I didn't get to enjoy the boss fight.
Then why summon? Dumbass.
Faith builds have it rough on this one. Not as rough as a sorcerer tackling the crystal mage, but rough none the less.
why isn't his armour in the base game?
It is, but you have to beat the Nameless King first.
Wrong armor, dude. That one's Ornstein's, from the 1st Dark Souls