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Its a shame really that they didn't make as a "Boss you can hardly scratch in the start" to have it mop the floor with you. Only to then fight it again later on when you actually have nice gear and so forth. But that's just me being bugged when a cool Cthulu boss gets wasted in the Prologue :'c
I managed to get him to jump in the right corner, and rolled into him then deliver final hit so all the gold rained on me.

Got a total of 8292 when i spawned at beach, and im guessing since salt was 8120 that the 292 and 120 was from the starting enemys one encounters + the pots... so i would say a good estimate was 8000 gold and 8000 salt (maybe even 8100-8100).
This boss drops exactly 8010 gold.

To get them coins, start with Pauper class. When the boss gets to 1 hit from defeat, bait its one-handed slow fist slam and then kill it with the pitchfork's lunge attack (Y/Triangle) while being close to it and before it attacks. You will land exactly where the gold drops. Guaranteed ! The pitchfork's makes quick work of it (4 minutes).
Would love online coop
Glitch to kill him in NG+ on PC09 Jun 2016 18:30

There is a levitation glitch using a ladder that allows to get back to the ship area and kill him. Here is how it goes :
1 - In the options, remap the jump and roll actions on a same button (preferably one easy to access, you will have to spam it)
2 - Go to the entrance of the festering banquet
3 - If you haven't yet, kick the ladder just above the entrance
4 - Get onto the ladder, (preferably on the lower part)
5 - Hold up, and press your roll + jump button repeatedly

You should start ascending up and backward, and eventually reach the boat area (that is actually up in the sky). Then you can attempt to kill the unspeakable deep and leave usinc a bell of return or a calling horn.

Using this method, it's possible to kill him in NG+, and he actually drops more salt!
This Glitch still works on PC 27 Dec 2016 16:30, used that by my own


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I'm surprised this still works. Couldn't help but audibly laugh at how dumb the glitch was when I tried it for myself with immediate success
How do you remap the buttons on PS4? I don't see a way in the options.



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You can remap buttons using the accessibility settings in the PS4 menu. Kind of a pain, but can make a big deal. The option isn't embedded in the game itself so far as I'm aware.
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Do you stream s&s? cus id love to see you play the game and or do this in ng+ :)
tmw in ng+3 and he still kills me with this glitch
Still working!
You just need to get past him or slay him if you want because killing him is not part of the story. its just there if you want to slay it.
Kill him with my potatoes.
With the right timing, you can just jump over the shockwave. Same for other bosses with similar moves.
this boss is cancer. they had to have updated it recently so you cant beat him or something. you literally get no chance to move or even attack. he just uses the jump attack almost immediately and you cannot avoid that no matter what. ive tried rolling through it right before he hits the ground. ive tried rolling past him before he makes the jump. its completely unavoidable. and i went through the game having almost no problems with any of the bosses. this boss is dumb.
I just did it a couple days ago both with a thief and a chef so it's totally doable. Even got the last hit with a potato for fun.
let it walk up to you, otherwise it will corner you in a wall.
git gud
I just beat him : 13.03.18, useing pauper w\axe, i cant say hes changed at all since first time i beat him.