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Hi Everyone!
i love to play Dark Souls 2, but now, no one is playing this game anymore, so i feel bored defeating always same bosses.
what about creating a group of people who we all can play with, invading, doing co-op, farming covenants items and having lot of fun?
if you think like me, send me friend request on xbox360 (Gamertag: Desyon) and we can organize to play all together sometimes.

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just go and play and befriend other players u like, building your own network.

im on PS4 and besides i have alot of 'normal' friends, im also member of a mostly low sl based highly skilled group of about 70 guys from all sorts of timezones, so there is Always a couple of guys around. the rules are be friendly, and we don't gank. so, if u Always salty after a loss this group is not for u, also if u looking to recruit your gank squad u should look further.

for the rest we talk alot, help each other with transfers, fight each other and help each other kill bosses with our low sl guys. its quite fun.
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what level is your character on ps4