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You can kill 2 arms. I killed 2 of her arms closes to her head.
I CUT ALL ARMS OFF! Then i took the *****es head. Still got the weapon.
you still got basic weapon of it, not v2
Does this weapon have any special attacks? The firebug v2 has a flame spin and the pax imperator v2 apparently has some sort of slam. I couldn't find any with the Spitfire v2.
I've still yet to compare movesets of the v.2 with normal one, but from what I know, the v.2 produce sparks in short intervals which burn enemy when struck with the weapon.
It can set aflame an enemy when you use the poke move.
You can kill any two arms. Even if these are the arms that are far away from the "head", the close armos will move and will take their place. This way it'll be easier than getting two far arms.
I did it without taking any arms, besides the clamps
easiest is to kill the boss is to kill 2 robot arms of one side, so with the boss fight you only have to deal with one arm