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Can anyone confirm if the WA scales with Faith/ Int, making it viable for a pyromancer?
The wapon art does not scale what so ever. It's fixed damage.
This is the only UGS i like aswell as the Zweihander. All other feel like weeb weapons.
And the Astora UGS, sry forgot to put it in.
Considering Dark Souls is technically a JRPG, then all weapons are weeb weapons. You've been bamboozled, son!
this UGS is my favorite in terms of fashion souls, the Astora UGS too. And to me a weapon in terms of fashion souls is really important
If only you can dual wield this with Sulyvahn’s other sword.
NG+ dude~
I think he means he wishes that you could dual wield it properly, without having the piss-poor moveset with no combos like you do if you equip both.
The blade of the weapon strongly resembles an elven swords blade in Skyrim imo
Did it got buffed in terms of damage?
I'd say this is Dark Souls 3's own bass cannon. Insane AR and a fire buff to boot.