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For mages players , all u need to do is jump and spam ur spells to lock animation (air dash if necessary for keeping distance and escape)..i find this boss along with the tree of men the easiest.
Easy Garbage Boss.
So this dude pretty much wanted everything from kingdoms, societies and even immortality for himself?

The Nameless King is Stingy from LazyTown confirmed?
Dark Swarm spam stuns him to death.
if u have light armor and no shield prepare for complete bs, he attacks super fast with high damage and his only weakness is stagger. If you have a greatsword hes a piece of cake and a stone charm greatly helps, otherwise artificial difficulty
Tip: you can get him to throw you into the right wall, making you able to hit him but he cant hit you
For a final boss, this was like taking candy from a baby... Ripped him apart with scarfrichter or w.e. Fantastic game and theme, just wish it was more punishing.
Poison helps a lot !, i just kill him very fast with my poison dagger build :)
Used Dark Coil with the wand together with lightning pod for extra stagger if needed, because dark coil did sometimes (very rarely) failed to stagger him. Took some time, but killed without getting hit once. Wondering how it'd go in NG+ lol