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totally legit spoiler - william dies
Well, that is the game's plot. Him dying and reviving.
Well soon the time will come for this last DLC what weapon will be added to the games arsenal, what spirits will we get, and what new Yokai will we fight (hopefully a couple new Boss Yokai too) all this and more will be answered at the final DLC "Bloodsheds end"
My guess is war fans based around omnyo magic
I bet the new difficulty is titled Way of the Nioh. Even with a healthbar longer than lexington Steel's rod you get oneshotted. Bossfights will be like this: Marobashi, you have to fight all Masters at the same time and everything can kill you instantly. But you can farm better gear!!!! All you have to do, is to farm one mission like 1000 times. Or you can craft the gear you want. You only need 15 thousand backupfiles :)
Hope the trophy difficult will be way of the demon, or t least way of the wise
Way of the nioh is a perfect title for the next difficulty and should get a trophy for it plus should cost more then $10 more like $40 so we get more content like unchanted lost city
when is this dlc coming out????
I think late September
I need bloodshed right now
What new Weapony type will it be?
- Fan?
- Stave?
- Three-Section-Staff?
- Claws?
Well out of those choices i would say Fan myself though i wouldn't mind a less thought about weapon like a Kiseru Battle Pipe
Kanabo, along with a new version of Black Nioh Armor that doesn't require the pre order bonus.
I can't find any info on what weapon type it is going to be, so how does the second comment (on 4 september) know that it is going to be the Kanabo?



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Like these guys all sure its going to be Kanabo and it ended up being literally nothing.
So... there wasn't any new weapons right?