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will using posions heal?
Make that, Would poisons heal as with an undead character? Or is the only remedy to cure the Decaying status with Cleanse Wounds?



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Using a healing potion would damage you if you were Decayed. You would want to clear the Decaying status before drinking your potion. If your character is undead, healing potions would already harm you and being Decayed does not change that.
From my own experience, no. Decaying does not give you healing if you recieve poison abilities or step into poison surfaces.
could decaying touch be helpful against mordus? because his stupid companions do always shoot poison arrows at him to heal him which makes it quite difficult to get his health down :/
If you have Teleport (which, to be honest, you REALLY should imo), you can just stand on the platform where you first enter the cave and teleport him onto the ledge. You then move to the back of it so his minions have no vision on him. By the time they climb up that ladder he should already be dead.
Using Fortify (Geomancer 2 skill) will remove decaying status effect.