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I don't know what causes it to trigger but the blood rock keeps popping back up in my game with the insight bath messengers I've bought a few of them all in the same playthrough
As mentioned in the article, Blood Rocks are permanently for sale at the Insight Shop after beating Mergo's Wet Nurse.
Moar Blood Rocks! Rotted Isz, Glyph: xsewnsuu

In the bonus area before 1st boss, not much resistance along the way. Just stay on the top floor.
kinda hilarious i got it from depth 5 celestial emissary, was hoping for the challenging ebrietas but nope, big blue blunder drops his rock.


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Pthumeru depth 5
Glyph:8yasb9is in layer 3
In coffin guarded be kepper of the old lords


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>1. Without >Killing the Brain >of Mensis

What do you mean by start by "spending all your insight"? High insight just makes the game more difficult with frenzy, right?
The Brain causes Frenzy buildup so if you want to not kill it you would need the highest possible frenzy resist to not die
In Lower Loran root (no additional rite) layer 1
Glyph: jern5nsb

There was also something in layer 2, but i forgot if it was a rune or a weapon.
Isz gravestone
Glyph: zpqgr7ew
There's a bloodrock in the preboss area in the second layer


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Thank you so much for glyphs! This is great



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I scoured all three Bloodborne wikis as well as Reddit for glyphs and the details about those glyphs. Then I checked every single one of them to see if they were still active, some of them twice just to make sure they were really dead. This is what I came up with; the fastest paths to all the Runes and Lost / Uncanny weapons as well as all the gem farming glyphs that are still active. Enjoy!