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Dish out?
Safest (and most boring) non cheesy way to beat him has turned out to be to just wait until you are certain he intends to attack, then back pedal yourself and hit him with a longer range trick weapon like the transformed axe or cane. I find that a lot of enemies in the game lack the AI to deal with longer-than-standard range trick weapon and never try to dodge when you use the very tip of it. Its even worked for me to use the r2 of the cane's whip to sneak in some cheap shots on the Orphan!
I love this fight so much I wish there more Hunter vs Hunter battles especially now with less people on pvp
I cannot access either this dude or Eileen after defeating Rom, help?
Need to make sure you do Eileen's questline properly or you will be unable to see him until your next playthrough.
Use beast claw and pin him between the wall and the doors, he will only try to walk to the stairs and not fight. This is how i killex him the first time, as far as i know this still works
Got sick of this ****** by my second playthrough. Pulled out the Poison Knives, walked out of his aggro range, chucked Numbing Mist and let the poison and Bone Marrow Ash pistol rounds do the rest. If he isn't going to play fair with his bull*****amounts of damage, then neither am I.
currently playing the game vanilla (4 Jan 2018 no patches), i followed the quest line but he didn't show up in my game at all. Eileen was still at the entrance of the grand cathedral but badly wounded and she just gave me her stuff :/ maaan i really wanted to fight home boy lol
also, the rune was just sitting in front of the grand cathedral lamp!
this fight is about inflicting critical damage the same as Gwyns fight was in DS1. It's a test if we learned this core mechanic and used some points to increase that damage type. Opened my eyes how powerfull it can be and I instantly did a restart to make my cainhurst warrior. And it was awesome!



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Parrying is not a core mechanic lmfao.
If this isn't Patches spamming nonsense again. Gid gut maybe? And welcome to Bloodborne. ;)
The boy is right. Gwyn is made to be parryied exactly like the Crow. Maybe play the actual game. Pro tip ~
I actually just found a really bs way to cheese him. All it requires are Blue Elixirs. What you do is you get into his aggro range and pull him away towards the front of the cathedral. As soon as you feel it has been far enough, usually near the stairs for me, you immediately turn around and run back to where he started. Chug a Blue Elixir and stand at the Alter. He will not see you, and will go back to his original position. That's when you sneak up and strong attack into visceral. Rinse and repeat.
Fought him after killing Martyr Logarius & The One Reborn.
Up until that point, no boss took me more than three tries to defeat (all solo). This guy took 6 -- 3 of which had me chip away his health down to the last 10% only for him to parry and OHKO me.

FromSoft, if you're gonna pull horse*****like this again in one of your future titles, please make it a boss proper so the toiling you put us through is at least acknowledged on your part.
well havel was kind of the same, they're all in the 99 lvl club (: