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Anyone not gonna comment how this is the same default halberd weapon (look wise) from dark souls 2? Okay.


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Also from DS1 dude.
One of the very few weapon designs that actually survived into ds3. Guess DS2 isn't a lost cuase after all.
This weapon is the bane of almost all ultra greatsword users. Just use the weapon skill just as they attack and you are almost guaranteed to poke them two times.
...or, what any smart ultra user would do, is when you use the WA. They would just roll away and do a rolling r1, or outspace.
Perseverance is cool but only works on bad players and very slow wind up weapons.
...OR since your using a freaking poking halberd just easily outspace them? If you need perseverance to outspace ultras then its time to git gud.
It mentions that the AR for 4040 quality is 480, but sharp with the same stats is 2 AR higher. I know it doesnt really matter unless going for a lower level build. Not a quality weapon, this belong w/ sharp.
MugenMonkey shows that it does 506 AR with refined 40/40 quality. Page Info must be old
It gets an A in Dex when Sharp infused at+6 for me

It makes sense why this got away for so long, its cause no body uses this thing.
Sharp 10+ has D strength ... but A for Dex scaling
Are there any other Halberds with a similar moveset? The poke attack along with the sweep is really nice and it's a much better altermnative to the janky hitboxes of spears.
Favorite weapon. So versatile. Only annoying thing is using it against very large enemies. I had to free aim most of the bigger bosses and it still wasnt very effective. But I mostly pvp so not much of an issue.
In PVP, this weapon plus the Leo Ring basically adds up to "When you attack, you get punished for a third of your health, and now it's my turn to attack." Also, avoid using the two-handed R2, you're gonna get parried more times than you're actually gonna land it.