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Is there no witches festival on consoles this year
It's on the 20th
only 1 weekk !! they give us %200 exp bonus pot
Is bloody Mara recipe gonna be in the event this year
Get ya'lls life together and launch the event. You had all year to prepare for this. And fix the cyrodiil load screen problems we been complaining about since 2014
OMG so very very rude
I thought there was supposed to be a quest for the holiday event today. I don't see it in the crown store



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Is there a black Friday special on crowns(DLC currency) the store?
Yes there has been some in the past
is there gonna be a Christmas event
Dude it is not our world. Stupid christmas
ESO 10 Million Stories Dungeons Event, What a joke!! you maybe able to receive some nice rewards if they would have fixed the damn dungeon finder so you could actually get into a dungeon.
Learn to heal or tank.
all of these events sound nice