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Uh, I am sure there was either Memory or Constitution check as well? (maybe only avaible if you earned the [Hero] tag - or it was a [Beast] tag), since I persuaded him with a high Constitution Char. Then again, he propbably had 5 pers and around 40 constitution (not so much Memory, though. Then again, Memory seems to be the heaviest influenced by Persuation, since the checks tend to be the lowest)
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Not only that I let her get killed, i also consumed her spirit.
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the second INT check worked to spare her even tho the first one failed

i had 5 persuasion and 41 int
The stat listed next to each persuasion option doesn't matter. They are tags like how [VILLAIN] is a tag. Persuasion is entirely based on your persuasion skill, and some persuade options literally cannot be successful. It's kind of confusing that they decided to make it this way but that's how it works.
5 persuasion. 49 intellect. Failed twice. Reloaded save. Failed again. Reloaded save. Failed again.

They really screwed this quest up.
4 Persuasion 50 STR - Fail
5 Persuation 50 STR - Success 2nd Check
it looks like you cant pass the first persuasion check but you can in the second

i passed it with 5 persuasion 47 strength (40 from stats and gear + 5 by clear mind+ 2 by encourage)
Don't reload your game so quick lol, the 1st persuasion check will always fail. It's the second persuasion check that matter.
If you want to stop the execution without dialogue, you can teleport her away from Kemm, who then spends the entire encounter attempting to make a bee-line to her to oneshot her. Slow/stunlock him and manage not to hit her in the ensuing cluster***** of 10+ Paladins fighting you!