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Would have been nice if this weapon also boosted all types of magic, especially the ones that it has the requirement for... you know... FAITH. And I hate that stupid weapon skill, its just a joke of an ability that isn't funny even for Miyazaki's standard given that its ones a mage-centered weapon.
What if I told you it got rid of the maggots from the maggot monster?
No idea if that works but would make it better if it did, no?
But em ... you got a weapon for faith already ... you have Rose of Ariandel that give a buff of 25 % on faith-centered weapon ( double )
btw. i just tested the WA against the maggot monsters, - IT DOES NOT remove/halter the bleed buildup effect, also its souce of light is so small, it can barely Work as a torch R.I.P



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Wouldn't it be better to wield the Lothric War Banner instead? I'm not sure it it just buff's AR or all damage
The description above implies this works like the Morion Blade, multiplying damage after the hit to the tune of 12.5%.

It does not, it directly affects spellbuff. So you can't cast while it isn't out and swap to it to gain the bonus. So much for a crystal sage staff buffed Affinity into Great Soul Dregs multiplied by double candlesticks. Sadness . . .
Apparently lighting the candle via its weapon art also gives you an effect similar to the Seek Guidance Miracle.
You being completely useless?
fun things its having or not having the faith requirements didnt affect the AR on this weapon :P
Pretty sure that the only thing that not meeting the faith requirement does is make it bounce off certain enemies.
Does the buff also boost the damage of sorcery buffs like magic weapon and dark blade? Or is it only applied to offensive sorceries
How are u supposed to but magic weapon or dark blade if u have chime/staff in one hand, candlestick in other?
Apply the buff with the chime and then switch to the candlestick...


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First off, no it only affects damaging sorceries. Secondly even if it affected buffs it wouldn't matter if you switch to it after buffing as all boosts etc are calculated during the spell's casting.
This thing would be wicked for sorceries on a pure spell build. Crystal chime on offhand, this knife on main, the right rings and <30% equip load, boom, you're now the mage assassin Orbeck could have been, with miracles to boot. No need for quickstep, so long as you're smart about rolling. No need for estus either, ashen estus all the way.


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Hi all,

I think there is a mistake in the wiki. In my playthrough, Greirat did not survive the Irythill loot run (because I rushed to the catacombs by ignorance), but after killing Sylvaneth and giving his ashes to handmaiden I was able to buy Candlestick. Maybe, it was changed with a patch?
Even if Greirat did not survive, his ashes will still allow the handmaid to sell the items he would normally sell had he survived. His death only really removes the possibility of him getting the archives items.


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Yeah, but the thing here is that I also got the archives items as well.
You get the Candlestick purchase unlock from Greirat after his second expedition (Irithyll), not after his third (Lothric Castle). It doesn't really make sense given the location of the scholars, but it is what it is.