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If its blessed then it should count for a blessed weapons regeneration Hp and dealing extra dmg to reanimated. Give a D Str ,C Dex ,C Faith would make it viable for Faith Builds. Also wouldnt it be cool to have the Faith version of Crystal soul spear like Lotric uses?


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i think this should absolutely be balanced according to the sunlight straight sword, if the S3 is a support faith straight sword, then this should be a solo/invader faith straight sword
current stats for me with 30/35/30/40 at +5:
S3: 196+207(403) with S3 buff: 449
LHS: 196+159(355) with S3 buff: 396

so one might say "well just make the scaling the same and give a pontiff-like buff to the lhs right?" NO, see, that's not enough because while it might seem that the oath of sunlight is just a buff for the S3 and as a support for your friends AND your other weapons(which i guess could be balanced saying that the LHS W-art is just sas strong if given a pontiff buff extra skill) it also adds on top of it the fact that the S3 can be buffed both by magic and items, while the LHS can't in ay way other with body boffs like oath of sunlight and sacred oath.
given that from will never make the LHS buffable, i'd say give it the same str/dex scaling as the S3 but with even better faith scaling aswell as the pontiff like buff.

consider that the S3 along with a crystal chime+5 lightning blade and the oath of sunlight with those stats(which should be less or more the ideal for these straight swords, at least by intuition without considerin int) gets to an absurd 617AR, a non-buffed dark lothric sword is 548(c-c-a-a), while a lightning one is 498(d-c-s)
in my opinion, it should have enouh faith scaling that with those stats it should reach by base stats the AR of the S3 with S3 buff and with the pontifflike buff it should reach about less or more the strenght of the lightning lohric sword with these stats(which should be stronger with say, 30-40-35 than the buffed lhs with 30-35-40)

so in short:
give the same physical scaling as S3
give it abundantly higher faith scaling than S3
give it a pontifflike W-art buff

and also change a bit the scaling of the lightning lothric sword to match a slightly more physical damage focused build than the self-buffed LHS, so that it wouldn't be too weak in comparison.


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p.s.: welp, i gave the post a great clean format, but apparently simply spacing once or twice with the enter key isn't enough on this wiki.
Now this is a well thought out, well articulated explanation of why this WEAPON could've been better, and you're right. Instead of this other guy trashing all faith builds.
Couple things first the spacing is fine. Secondly at the end you talk about lightning scaling. You know that lothrics holy sword its "magic" from the weapon art is considered physical damage. Endless you are talking about one of the Lothric Knight swords. Which the straight sword doesn't have any lightning damage and the greatsword has lightning damage but doesn't scale or require any faith. Then if you are talking about the infused lightning version of the Lothric Knight Sword it keeps its dex scaling and gets S scaling faith. Which in general faith builds tend to stick with dex over strenght so it works out in the end. From has just neglected anything lightning ever sense they nerfed lightning weapons and infused ones. Which is stupid because it doesnt follow their own stats and alot of armor doesn't have much lightning defense. But that kind of proves that they really dont care about it.
God damnit Fromsoft, it would have been so easy to give this te Sunlight Straight Sword treatment and make this viable for miracle builds! Instead we are left with this crap...
This and the blessed gem are perfect examples of From shafting faith builds. Why even have faith in the game if everything that uses it besides lightning damage is just plain bad in every way?
Seriousliy dude, quit deifying DS1, & accept that this is a different game. I'm not even a caster at all, but I've found many uses for faith besides lightning. If you don't like this weapon, that's fine. But don't say "they shafted faith builds", because you're wrong. Just more crying about how this game isn't DS1....
"Holy" doesn't automaticaly mean "faith" in Lothric. From what I saw the royal sorcerers tried to fuse miracles with intelligence and created this "holyness" whatever that is. And the prince is using holy sorcery(!) for example. Not holy miracles. Only normal ones like Wrath of God. Means just because it is holy doesn't mean it has to scale with faith. In my DS3 version the sword doesn't even has "Holy" in its name. Here it's just called the "Platinsword".
But this sword has been explicitly stated to be blessed by Emma, who is the High Priestess. Not some Scholar or sorceress. So yes, this particular weapon kinda has to have Faith relevance in its power.



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too below, maybe its a ritual to be blessed by dunking it in water or just saying words in a religious point of view, it might not be blessed for damage, but as a sword that is "Holy" in lothrician tradition
My theory is that the twin princess greatsword is the real sword of the prince. And the other 2, holy and Lorians, are just illusions like the two princes themself. They are meant to represent they owners two sides, outer and inner, and thats all. One strong but deformed, the other one beautifull but weak. "Lorian of Lothric" only had one sword in the end. the one we get from fusing the 2 illusions.
i aprove this
The guard, handle, and pommel of the sword somewhat resembles the wings of the angels in the DLC. There is little reason for the sword to look so organic, so what would be the lore implications of the angel that visited Gertrude being killed to make Lothric's sword?
why do you need to kill an angel to forge a "angel looking sword"? This is Dark Souls. Not emo fantasy trash my boy.
In his defense, why would the sword look so angelic if anything involving the angels is considered heretical in Lothric? It's interesting to think that the sword has some sort of darker implications behind them in that case.

Also, the black knights had their stuff warped by the First Flame and chaos demons, so that kind of transformation isn't TOO far-fetched.
Let's not forget that the angels in the DLC are hardly angelic. If anything, weapons associated with them would be dark-related considering they're born from Londor Pilgrims.
And to that first comment, every "boss weapon" you transpose across the entire trilogy requires you to kill something first. I guess Dark Souls IS this emo fantasy trash you speak of.
Is the thrust from the weapon art affected by the Leo Ring?
I'd imagine the added damage from the blade physically touching the opponent will, but not the light beam (Leo Ring affects Thrust Damage (which is a type of physical damage) and doesn't affect Elemental Damage types). Unless your also using the thrusting strong attacks, you are probably better off with a defensive or stat-boost ring for greater mileage.
It might add damage to both the beam and the sword since the beam does blessed damage which doesn't belong to any of the magical classes in itself. In fact it usually gets grouped up with physical.
no u
Just tested today (bit late, but oh well).

The Weapon Art R2 is PURE PHYSICAL DAMAGE. A Black Knight Shield and Knight Shield both completely blocked all the damage.

It seems that the Weapon Art R2 also does about 1.5x more damage than a standard R1.