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I think you guys have the NG+ and NG++ soul drop amount swapped: 'NG+ (128,000), NG++ (105,600)'
His Resistances make no sense, shouldn't he be immune or resistant to fire? Since its dragonslayer armor, and its meant to slay dragons, which breath fire....
It makes sense to be resistant to lightning as its what he uses and the things around him use dark as well. and basically every boss is immune to poison/toxic
Wyverns breath fire. Some of the dragons in these games breath crystals, lightning, fire, etc. It depends on the art department at From :^)


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Because he can use lightning. (game theory)
> Get boss to sliver of health after rolling around and getting slapped back and forth
> Am at low health too from many beatings
> Heart pounding, finally gonna execute this monster and progress in the story
> Swing Lucerne +9 in glorious final strike at the ankles of the beast
> Point of the weapon about to meet its foe
> World is silent, waiting for the final swing
> satan butterfly zaps the ground
> The very earth erupts in flame
> I scream in agony as the flames consume my flesh and burn away my souls. The boss swings his greataxe at my fading corpse to mock the cruel twist of

> Time for attempt #127

Stupid *****ing butterfly
heeeeey, thats pretty good
Not sure if I should greentext this but...

>Gets summoned as sunbro
>host fell for the parrygod meme and keeps try to parry the stance moveset
>he gets pretty low and I get desperate
>spams crystal soul spear
>somehow manages to kill it
*praise the sun!
>host seats down for well deserved toast
>butterfly laser blast melts hit him as I sit down
Git Gud kid
He was one of the easier bosses for me, killed him on my 2nd try yesterday with +10 broadsword.
No one suspects the butterfly
He gives 64,000 souls not 48,000. 48,000 should be what the host gets if he summoned a phantom for the fight.
How do you get the door open i wanna get eygon of carim
you're searching in the wrong place. he's in the chapel with the chest and the (for now) unusable elevator.
Do you mean the cell door in the undead settlement?
The door leads to the Warriors of Sunlight shrine. Go left at the end of the wall and up the ladder and along the rooftops till you drop down and face a Lothric Knight. The door is behind the knight.

Eygon of Carim's summon is actually in the starting area of the cathedral to the right which is already open.
I bet if he would have been introduced in the DLCs his shield would have made us jump around like he does.
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DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT WEAR THORN ARMOR AGAINST THIS POS! It'll get YOU stunned to hell every time you roll next to this POS.
Just because you so strongly adviced to not use thorn set I was like "f*ck it" and put it on and fought this boss. And guess what THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Not a single time was I stunned or staggered or anything when I rolled against it. Only thing that happened was that it took the damage from the set.
Don't even know what his attack pattern is. By the time I met him I was already lv 100+ because I had big trouble with champion gundyr. Died 2 or 3 times and then took him out by brute force with black knight sword. With ringed city it's finally mine!
Play pure sorcerer with soul spear. At 2nd phase he goes too close to the edge and gets stuck there. Proceed to kill him while laughing like a maniac. ^_^