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Really? How so? Claiming this without presenting any data on the stability at max upgrade level is asinine.
you can infuse it though
Sad to see only the stone shield

I loved the stone armor in DS1
Stone Parma is like a baby Stone Greatshield. Has decent block/stability too
Late game already. Very torn between infusing it for more lightning resistance or fire resistance...
Perhaps I'm looking too hard at things... but doesn't the symbol on this look like the Crest of Artorias from DS1? Tilted 90-degrees clockwise, of course...



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It does.

Could be that it's the shield of one those stone knights that were chilling around the forest.

Who knows.
I believe Farron Keep to be Oolacile/Darkroot Garden which is where you use the Crest of Artorias, they hint at it being Oolacile through the yellowfinger heysel invasion where they wear the Xanthous set which scholars of oolacile used not just that but this is where you can find golden sorceries of oolacile, and the great wolf of Farron, Farron meaning iron grey, its a giant wolf, so? Great wolf of Iron Grey, Great Greywolf Sif, also the Ghru look alot like the abyss corrupted guys from the dlc.
Not to mention you also find a dead mushroom thing where the Golden Scroll is which might be the same one from DS1.
I don't know if this wiki is incorrect or if you can also get it from the giant Grhu but I always get mine from the giant crabs in halfway fortress



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Info is correct, I just got one to drop from an Elder Ghru while on the way to the third flame, didn't even know the thing existed until now
i get like ten of them, tho they become pretty comon wen you ave a gold serpant ring, they ave a prety good stability.
Killed many crabs and never got one of these from them.


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Did not know this existed
I Found this by killing every single Giant Ghru in the swamp out of boredom.

Dropped on the last one in the swamp.
This is a random drop--from any Elder Ghru. I once got two for two
this thing existed ?
This really is a GREAT shield, infuse with blessed and you've still got 94% physical block and 63 stability along with some great passive healing. It's great since you should generally use shields to avoid getting caught in long combos or something fast you don't have time to react to, so long as you don't ride on it to block everything that comes at you you can come very powerful with this shield blessed, sun princess ring and blessed weapon on your right hand weapon.
is there any armor that looks good with the shield ?
Maybe this
I particularly like the way it looks with the Cathedral Knight Set and with Sunless Set (Hadricks Armor.)

Anything with a tarnished look (Most the armor in the game) looks great with it when you're summoned as a phantom or spirit of any kind/color.