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I tried to simply poison the stew, but he reacted as if it were normal. So dumb this isn't an option.
outside the tavern, there is a cat, you may need to interact with it and feed it three tainted fishes to unlock the recipe for making tainted stew.
Also, you may need to give Garvan ordinary meaty stew twice to unlock the option to give him a tainted stew.
At first, I cant combine tainted fish with meaty stew to obtain the tainted stew. That makes me believe the things listed above may be a trigger for making tainted stew.
I was able to give him the tainted stew on the first try, also, I unlocked the recipe by combining the meaty stew with a tainted fish, didn't need to do anything else.
Actually got the Tainted Stew recipe from a lady in one of the 2 outhouses outside the Tavern.. The Cat Died when I gave it the tainted fish.
I gave him the head but he didn't point me to any treasure, he said someone already took it, which I'm guessing is me, but I didn't get anything worthwile on tactician in the area, which leaves me to believe that this quest is only worth it for the meagre 2k kill xp for Garven & 6k xp that it gives once you give him the head, Bartering as a stat is completely useless when you can recruit mercenaries and max out their thievery then have them use multiple thievery gear, so yeah, all this quest gives is the xp for the 3 mobs close to the npc then Garven + finish xp.
If you have high barter and gift items to the vendors until you get 100 reputation, you'll be swimming in coin. I can't spend it fast enough. Much more efficient than hiring mercs and transferring gear around.
After talking with Liam I found the journal entry mentioning the secret stash in Cloisterwood. There is now a red flag marking the spot on my map.
If you're having trouble getting Garvan out of the inn, just stand outside in the alleyway and teleport Garvan past the outhouses towards the broken bridge. Try and talk to him immediately if he tries to run away, and then it should initiate combat with him afterwards. Just finish him off and hopefully none of the other NPCs aggro. It worked out just fine for me.
One way to provoke Garvan outside is to simply steal from him. Lure him out as he chases you, then kill him where others cant see. Or use teleport once he's outside so he's further away from other eyes.
It wont let me combine the fish. It showed that I unlocked the recipe but then it doesn't actually show up in my recipes.
It isn't under food, it's under "Objects"
Anyone got the coordinates of Liam's treasure?
X:142 Y:229
Just teleport him out the through the nearest door and shut up the door immediately, ez kill
I didn't even shut the door, just teleport and smacked down
Garven is at the Inn in Driftwood. Liam is at X:202 Y:165.

I fed Garven the tainted stew, and now he's running back and forth to the outhouse.
But when I confront him about Liam, and HE attacks ME, I still aggro the whole town. I tried standing as close to the broken bridge as possible and teleport him across it, but when the battle starts, I also aggro the entire town. No idea how to take him out without having to kill everyone.