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Ah, the Dark Souls experience. It has its highs, it has its lows, but mostly it has moments that induce blind, white-hot, frothing fury...


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This wiki is the best. Screw wikia.
i want to make a char to annoy people out, in the very beginning, lvl 15 is a good lvl to invade people at lothric wall?
Lvl 20 if you want to be a bit more powerful and it still is low enough
You'll remember most of the time the bad and stressfull moments but isn't DS3 also about companionship, fighting together side by side and making new friends? Some say "Cancer community" Thats BS. Look at this wiki how people in trouble get help. We are an ok-, I would even say a fine community. Stop the self hate. Enjoy the game and the people playing it WITH you.
The problem is in the so called "ok" community are many aholes and very few friends, like for example the ahole that replied before me. Dark souls community is sadly no longer how it used to be but even then it wasn't very friendly to begin with
Compared to alot of other communities, the Soulsborne community is definitely on the better side, sure, every community has elitists and griefers but I'd say we have it pretty good.
You are a f***ing filthy casul fir trying to be a reasonable person u suck random person I don't know I found this
Thanks for the wiki!
playing on ps4 username Epicchaoz can anyone spare a silvercat ring? I can give IT RIGHT BACK
Way of the Blue, I need you!
We will be sure to arrive two seconds after either you or the invader has been killed.
I know it's not canon but I like to imagine that behind the destroyed archstone in Demon's Souls, the Dark Souls universe began. The land of giants. The land of Gwyn and his dynasty and that's the reason why we still have fog gates. Instead of "flame gates" or whatever would be more fitting.