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Useless trash. I tried to whirlwind during the final encounter vs Lucian, Braccus, Dallis, Gheist and the two white magisters. It did 11 damage and broke.


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your character is weak to deal 11 damage.
thanks for spoilers
Dude, to the guy crying about spoilers, YOU are on the wiki looking up a weapon which is also part of a spoiler. There are going to be comments about the weapon and what it's used for. Quit crying about spoilers and don't go on wiki pages if you don't want spoilers.
I also have to chime in here, the anathema does 40 damage with onslaught.

I also figured out that no abilities work with anathema, so it has to either be one on one attack, or it has to be reactions...other than that it's a *****ing useless blade.

Spoiler of an a***ole below.
perhaps this is broken in some way? I tried using onslaught and it broke instantly, doing very little damage.
Dont be jebaited. This sword is a bad joke to use, maybe not intended, but it's as good as your bare hands. lol
I mean, its only specific special focused use is like the tip notes said, plus one more action point to change your weapon again. It should be named Sword of Glass.


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It seems you need to have str physical build to put this weapon to a good use, yes?
actually useless they build it up like its some amazing weapon and then during the final battle i waste an ability on it and it breaks.
what a blue balling moment when you realize this***** can only be swung once.
MIssed then broke.
This does NOT work with Onslaught (as of 2/21/18). It breaks on the first strike.