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In the intro to the fight, I got my first look at his face and the hat, hair, and bandaged eyes looks VERY familiar. Isn't he the one who talks to the player in the very beginning of the game and gives you a blood transfusion?
No, that character was in a wheelchair and he's found, if I remember correctly, being eaten by the first werewolf we come to meet. The bandaged eyes is a recuring theme in Bloodborne and the beard similarity is purely coincidental.
wrong, the one who gives u the blood transformation is on wheel chair, he is always in the hunters dream, and he is an important character in the game, this guy "father cascoine" has a sad story regarding him , you can check youtube for his whole story, its worth it
I don't think he was the guy being eaten by the wear wolf there would have been a wheel chair next to him
Everyone is half right so far... the man in the dream is Gerhman, the first hunter. He was not killed by a werewolf/etc, as he is crucial to the endgame.
Definitely not Father Gascoigne.
It's odd that this strategy is missing - if you don't use the music box AT ALL until he's a beast, it works the full three times.

The More You Know
In his beast form just bombard him with modletove ****
By far the coolest boss fight in the game. Not the hardest, but the coolest