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Anyone know if a Blessed(buff) Sharp Washing Pole can Out damage the Chaos Blade?
Update the page. Frayed Blade is the best damaging katana, making the Washing Pole the 4th highest damaging katana.


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The Frayed Blade has a small portion of flat dark attack while the rest of the katanas only have pure physical, so it's not an even comparison. Maybe it's better to write down the FB's physical AR+ the dark DMG?
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In Spain is called Nodachi
In Italy as well
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I believe the name the washing pole comes from the manga "Vagabond" where an unusually long katana was nicknamed the drying pole
You almost 100% correct, but the Manga Vagabond is based in the book Musashi, by Eiji Yoshikawa, and is the most read book in japan of all time.
Maybe it would have mpre durability if you didn't use it to gouge a foot deep hole in the ground everywhere you go.
I'm going to make a sephiroth build and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me a washing pole level 0 is fine I just want the weapon at the start of the game
To clarify: Washing Pole is the translation of the name of the Nodachi (a very long katana) used in Gunryu against Musashi, in the most famous duel of all times. The book Musashi is the most read in Japan, the place of the batle was a island that now is call Gunryu Jin ("Gunryu island"), and there is a statue of both warriors a second before they strike, in the exact place where it happens. Musashi is the most famous person in the history of Japan. Most of what we know from Manga and Anime have influence on his story, and there is a word in japonese that means "musashi like". Just google musashi...
for some reason they didnt translate in other languages (french here), it took me a bit to find this page since it's called nodachi in my game
Stupid question but what does "AR" mean?
There is google, but it simply means attack rating