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I feel like her knife/bloodsword would have been a way more interesting weapon idea than the*****ty chikage. All the chikage does is switch from one handed to two handed and get a buff. There's mo real moveset or aesthetic change the way that weapons like the saw cleaver and Whirligig Saw had.
That's not really true. The r2 has better range and massive damage, as do the l2s.
It's worth mentioning that when you fight her in the Chalice Dungeon, she is noticeably still pregnant with Mergo, but when she appears in the Moonside Lake and in the Nightmare of Mensis, her abdomen is flat.

It's also likely that Yharnam, her blood, or Mergo are the "holy medium" discovered by the old Byrgenwerth scholars.
The Holy Medium they found was Ebrietas since she is trapped under the grand cathedral, its likely they harvested her for the alien blood. However, Yarnham and the Pthumerians is linked to it somehow. I think the Pthumerians was the guardians of the Astral entities down there.



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This boss carries an important message: never piss off a woman during her period
Wow you got a lot of thumbs down on this comment
I guess some ****** can't take a joke
>Can't take a joke
What you did there,you may not have seen it but I sure did.
Those dislikes are undeserved. It was a funny little comment, nothing to get triggered over.
Since she's apparently pregnant, I doubt she's having much of a period.
Ooops, I goofed up. I deleted my chalice dungeons like an idiot.
I'd like to rename this boss Yharnam, The Menstural Tempest.
its funny because she's clearly supposed to be pregnant
Such an EZ boss if you're BL 190+ and wear Black church attire. Weapon of choice? Either Burial blade or LHB or chikage.


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Idk if anyone will see this or not, but I was wondering where the final chalice goes? Like the others go on the tombstones, but they are all full from the other dungeons except the one for a short chalice... does the final chalice go on that tomb or am I missing something.
You can delete dungeons by inspecting a ritual headstone and selecting remove chalice. It will erase the dungeon and any progress made in it, allowing you to create new ones
Also dropped 2 blood stone chunks
Glad to see people still playing Bloodborne
I just stated playing the game two days ago :D I’m lvl39 going through the second chalice dungeon rn
In the last phase I just spammed 99 ARC Executioner's Gloves at range while her attacks kept missing me either due to their lack of reach or being easy to dodge, which made her constant flailing and screaming very funny. The one clone left standing didn't even bother and decided to chill on the other side of the rotunda.