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I feel like her knife/bloodsword would have been a way more interesting weapon idea than the*****ty chikage. All the chikage does is switch from one handed to two handed and get a buff. There's mo real moveset or aesthetic change the way that weapons like the saw cleaver and Whirligig Saw had.
That's not really true. The r2 has better range and massive damage, as do the l2s.
It's worth mentioning that when you fight her in the Chalice Dungeon, she is noticeably still pregnant with Mergo, but when she appears in the Moonside Lake and in the Nightmare of Mensis, her abdomen is flat.

It's also likely that Yharnam, her blood, or Mergo are the "holy medium" discovered by the old Byrgenwerth scholars.



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This boss carries an important message: never piss off a woman during her period
Wow you got a lot of thumbs down on this comment
I guess some ****** can't take a joke
Ooops, I goofed up. I deleted my chalice dungeons like an idiot.