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I can't trade with him, he just says something about me needing special invintation and then dialogue ends.
Hit the trade button before you end the dialogue
there are no trade button for u trade
Figured it out. Beast was the issue. load a save and don't let beast talk to him.
Do you know how to find Scoundrel Skill Books in Reaper's Coast when Papa Thrash is dead ?
You can find a Scoudrel skill books trader.
"you can find a scoundrel books trader" WHERE????????????
Anyone know any legit way to pass him? Without stealth, or the hole in the prison.
If you have Sebille or a main character with the Outlaw tag you can have them select that in dialogue and they will let the party through
Don't have a trade button. Got inside the tavern via dialogue, and now he won't trade. He just says "You want an engraved invitation every time? You know the way in..." There is no trade icon next to his avatar.
Hold it. If papa no know, you no go.