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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

It should probably be said that there are bosses in this game, just that after fighting them they will become regular enemies later on. Though *spoiler* enemies that you fight while they are corrupted for a specific situation, could be classified as bosses as well.*spoiler end* *even more spoilers* I would say any Cauldron end enemies are bosses, and a few side quest enemies are bosses. For example, when you are investigating the rock quarry where a huge mole/sand worm machine pops out of the ground, could easily qualify as a boss, as seriously that was a awesome fight. *spoiler end*
Also, there is a giant bird enemy you fight on top of a mountain that is harder, and has a larger health pool than A LOT of enemies.
Oh yeah! I recall going up that mountain to find the last vantage point BS trophy and then the cutscene triggered and the whole time I was screaming 'WTF, THIS IS BS, F**K THIS'

Took a ;egit 20-30 minutes of ropecasting the sh*t out of him, it was a great boss in hindsight, no other ennemies to bother you and ressources to find (gave me the trophy for deafing all the machine types too).