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be careful with the wealth wish. if you get the negative amulet as a gift, even if you sell/drop it magisters will still constantly stop you and ask to check your bags. even though it's not in your bag/equipped they will say they found it in your bag and attack.

not sure how far of an impact it has. I haven't left the 2nd act yet but literally every magister tries to stop me so far even though I sold the amulet. hopefully it stops after a point because I'm already good 6+ hours beyond the point of return...
I've already sold the item right away long ago, but I still get stopped by the guards every time - So i'm using the "Gladly show bags" option, followed with "But the Dwarf I bought it from said....." option, and they let me go EVERY SINGLE time... no fighting or bribery involved. ( then again, I only pickpocket skill books, gold and other non-marked/markable items)
I got a little over 10k exp for killing the djinn NOT 5575
Same here, edited the page to match the actual Xp amount given.
Passed with int 14 pers 7
Well this quest gave me a 10 hour nightmare running around in Driftwood trying to avoid any contact with those bloody Magisters, because when you sell it it still counts as if it is in your godsdamned inventory. This is a bug, what caused me 10 hours of my life trying to solve it somehow. Don't be me, use my tipp:

Also a tipp: Get a Mystic character (Fane or Lohse), put at least 5 points of persuation on him at the Lady Vengeance, teleport to this ballsack Djinn, get a succesful persuation, take your reward (welth or knowledge, the others seems to have no effect since you will immediately upgrade the sword and use up the scroll), then go back to the Lady Vengeance, put the points back where they were, and live a happiy along.


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Tried using it with Lohse( as a companion) she had 40 int base and 59 modified. Still failed the int check (lvl 16)


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Respecced to have lvl 5 persuasion. Then i suceeded.
Seems speech check has focus on persuasion


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You're correct. AFAIK (don't quote me on this) it's something along the lines of your int/str/con/whatever X your persuasion. So even 59 x 0 = still 0. In that case it'd mean having 2 persuasion and 30 int (60) is better than 1 persuasion and 59 int (59). Persuasion weighs much heavier than the attribute that is used. And I think some encounters are also more vulnerable to certain attribute checks. Honestly it pretty much promotes save scumming but that's the way to go I guess.
Dialog success depends on your Persuasion level. The [Intelligence], [Strength], Etc. options just mean in the manner of your response. It's misleading i know.
got ~40K experience killing him at level 16 which was better than any of the other rewards at that stage
As Fane, I passed with 3 persuasion and EITHER 30 int for the int check or the finesse check. IF YOU'RE ROLLING FOR A SPECIFIC SKILLBOOK, or just one you'd potentially use, use a save BEFORE going down the vines... or maybe simply before your character says something about the lamp.
I meant to say 3 persuasion and either 30 int for the int check or 10 finesse for the finesse check.
i sold the god damn necklace and still they find it in my bag and arrest me..... OK larian!
Same thing happened to me.

Then you have to pass a speech check with a guard to get them to forget about it.
The rewards section is confusing. How do you get the unstolen gift vs the stolen one?
After the recent patch I pass the intelligence and finesse checks and still get the bad reward. The djinn has nothing but contempt for you and apparently won't give you anything good.