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S&O is the best boss fight of DS1, even considering the DLC.
No, the bed of chaos is the best boss
Artorias would like a word or two with you
Last thing I need is gywn
Unbeknownst to a new soul, there are several ways to aid in defeating the flame father.
Thou should seek out a teacher and learn how to 'Parry', for the burning eyre of our lord is susceptible to this technique when he attacks using his sword.
I need help with Quelaag
stick to her legs

run when you see her lift up her legs

attack only when she does her LONG fire breath attack!
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I put the validity of the information on this site on question as the environment in Blight Town, Crystal Cave and Sen's fortress has not been put forward as a Boss....



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Lol we'd have to add Gravity too! Gravity OP needs nerf! ⚔️ Sekiro Wiki ⚔️ Monster Hunter World Wiki
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because you need the soul too get to kiln of the first flame u dipstick.


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Why isn't the Four Kings listed as optional?
Because it isn't, it's soul is needed for Lordvessel "After placing the Lordvessel, it must be filled with the souls of: Seath the Scaleless, Four Kings, Gravelord Nito and The Bed of Chaos, to gain access to the final area; the Kiln of the First Flame."
Because they aren't optional.
Why did they put Centipede Demon and Demon Firesage as optional? Without any skips you need to kill those two.
If you give a bunch of humanity to the Fair Lady you get a shortcut past those bosses.
You can skip firesage and centipede by giving 30 humanity to chaos servant. This lets you open the door on the right from the entrance to firesage fight. Lets you go straight to bed of chaos fight and you get sunlight maggot helm (which also saves Solaire and lets you summon him for gwyn boss fight). This also opens easy access to the respawning titanite demon and the elevator next to the chaos servant room.
does anyone know the order in which we fight the bosses?
Well, depends on your route, but usually will go;

(if you include some optional bosses, if you don't intend taking advanced routes as indicated)
Asylum Demon
Taurus demon
Bell Gargoyles
Capra demon
Gaping Dragon
Iron Golem
Ornstein/Smough (LORD VESSEL!)
-a wild choice appears! (What will Player do?)
>Proceed through Dukes archive for Seathe?
> go to catacombs and defeat Pinwheel,then to Nito?
>Cease the Discharge and slay his mother (bed of Chaos) and/or his brethren (Fire Sage and Centipede Demon unless rank 2 in Chaos Servants)?
> Proceed through Darkroot Garden and take out sif (RIP gud boi) New Londo and take out the 4 kings?

>Then kill the Lord of Cinder himself


You could skip Taurus, Gaping and Capra by using the Master key starting gift, use the lift under firelink to new londo, go through another gate that leads to valley of drakes and blight town to navigate to Blighttown (duh), undead parish by going through valley of drakes, up to dark root basin, then to the garden and back to Andre and utilize the lift from Undead Parish to make a full circle on an interlocked and beautifully designed world. There's probably more that I'm currently forgetting (been years since I last actually explored the game)
Well it really depends on which route you take but a good order would be:
Asylum demon
Taurus demon
Bell gargoyles
Capra demon
Gaping dragon
Chaos witch quelaag
Iron Golem
Ornstein and Smough
Great grey wolf sif
Seath the scaleless
Ceaseless discharge
Centipede demon
Bed of chaos
Four kings
(This does not include optional bosses)
Mmm if you wanna struggle through it you could kill pinwheel right off the bat and get the rite of enkindeling straight away
Yes, look in the description on this video and it will tell you
Undead area(Taurs Demon and Capra) - Depths (Dragon thing) - Blighttown (Quelaag) - Back to the surface, you can go kill the pinweel for the opportunity to kindle bonfires early on - Forest (Butterfly and Wolf cause he gives the best shield) - sen's fortress and then anor londo.
From there as a pyromancer i would go to lost izalith and finish the area completely to find the strong pyromancies, as a sorcerer i would go to Archives. Before that, if you want you can go back to Asylum to kill the Demon for a second time and get a titanite slab). I would go to Giant's Tomb area after lost isalith cause Sunlight maggot is invaluable there. Lastly 4 kings cause they are the hardest of the main bosses in my oppinion.
The order depends almost entirely on which way you choose to go. Some are not accessible before doing certain things, but you are not forced to follow 1 path.
He is under dlc bosses.
Anyone know who the optional ones are.
Any bosses on this list marked with * are optional, but I'll explain each one. A few spoilers ahead. Nothing too major in my opinion.
The Capra Demon, and by extension the Gaping Dragon, are skippable because you can enter Blighttown through the exit by utilizing the Valley of Drakes. I recommend learning the Blighttown Drop to make it easier for yourself, and fighting the Capra Demon for the ember in the Depths and Kirk's equipment if you want it.
Ceaseless Discharge can *technically* be considered optional because there's a bug to skip him, but you should just fight him. The skip is VERY difficult and I'm yet to even pull it off myself. He's easy to cheese and you'll miss out on a really good armor set.
You can just walk past Priscilla. She doesn't care unless you whack her.
Gwyndolin is out of the way and will break the darkmoon covenant if you fight him. Just leave him be unless you REALLY need something behind him, because I think it'll piss off the fire keeper too.
Demon Firesage and the Centipede Demon can be skipped if you join the Servants of Chaos and rank up all the way by offering 30 humanities to Quelaag's Sister. This is also necessary for saving Solaire for the final boss.
The Moonlight Butterfly is optional, simply for being slightly out of the way, is another boss you should fight anyways. You get an ember and a
key to the Lower Burg and by extension the Depths and Griggs,and a bunch of stuff.
Taurus Demon can be skipped by using the Master Key to loop around through the Darkroot Basin. Just fight him, he's easy enough and lets you talk to Solaire for the soapstone and his quest.
Stray Demon is back in the Tutorial Asylum and gives you a titanite Slab upon defeat. You should fight him for the slab alone, but there are other secrets back in the Asylum, like the Doll to take you to the Painted World or the ring that helps you walk through deep water or mud normally.
All of the DLC bosses are optional as well, but that's a given.
I'd also like to add that you should fight all the bosses you can. Just for the souls or special items. In some cases entire areas.
Because it's an easy ******* fight
You can just keep doing plunge attacks the whole fight