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Could be very well the Queen herself. After she left Lothric and went to Anor Londo, back to where she came from to escape her husbands madness, Sulyvahn turned her into one of his killing machines, the boreal knights, and send her back. The healing miracle Soothing Sunlight we gain from transposing her soul is the most powerfull in DS3 with even a mentioning of Gwynevere. The god mother. Many though that means the dancer is Gwynevere herself but it's rather meant to implicate how royal the dancer was. She was a first class princess of Anor Londo having this miracle bestowed! Someone you would marry to a great king of a great kingdom. Oceiros The king of Lothric.
but Vordt was her bf...


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Killed her easily with Fire Orb, SL 9 no upgrades.
I don't believe that for a second...
Use Black Fire Orb and its done
Best DS3 waifu
Onion Bro?
I think there is an attack in Phase 1 missing.
I justed got knocked up by one of her hits, and took pretty incredible damage.
Pregnancy will do that to ya
beat her on my 3rd try. i was expecting her to be harder, she was the boss I dreaded fighting the most. however, I beat her with my dark-infused great scythe after I got her patterns down. cheers. :)


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SL75 with 40 Vitality, Embered, and Speckled Stoneplate Ring, and she can still murder you easily. Be careful as some of her sweeping slashes have massive range and hit long damage frames. Some of her slashes are pure bait, because the follow-ups are instant or too fast to dodge consecutively, so try to pay attention to her patterns.

I did this at a much, much lower SL my very first time, trying with a friend that was ahead of me in the game at launch. In the killing attempt, he died at around 80-85% HP when he got grabbed, and I managed to solo to the end. I used a +7 Heavy Claymore in a 40/20 build so far with no infusion, but I believe I had a +3 Black Knight Greataxe the first time.
The trick to this fight is keeping your damn distance--took me way too long to realize that myself. Baiting her long-range attacks (leaps, stabs, lunges, etc) usually leaves her pretty wide-open for retaliation, especially to her noggin, eventually staggering her for a riposte. It's also about the only way to survive her potentially endless cyclone attack, as long as you use the pillars around the room to stall her movement. Just be careful not to get stuck against any damn statues cropping out of the wall like I always do, lol. You can also lob a few lightning urns for about 300 damage a pop.
I was trying to beat this boss on my SL20 character with the dark hand. It simply destroys her. 1st phase isn't so tough if you hug the left (her right). When she tries to go into her crazy phase 2 get as many hits as possible and then back away, and i mean really really away as she's about to get into the spin combo. When the combo ends try to get a few hits. And repeat. Stay really far to trigger the spin combo, wait for it to end and get a few hits. This i found to be the reliable way to beat her with a low SL character using the dark hand.
Exactly. The Dark Hand is an incredible weapon against the Dancer. Normally I get to the Undead Settlement, fulfil Yoel's duty, get the Dark Hand from Yuria and wreck the Dancer's *** with it. It works every time.