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She could be very well Ocelotte. "The Queen vanished after the birth of her last child, Ocelotte" the game tells us. And she was a member of the Anor Londrian god giants. A decendent of Gwyn. To were would she go if she left her husbands kingdom? Anor Londor. And would she leave her baby child behind? No. She wouldn't. Did her husband experiment with dragon dna? Yes. Do Yorshka and prince Lothric share certain body features? Yes they do. And ultimatly it would make sense to hide her before Sulyvahn. If he would find her, he could marry her and become the legitimate ruler of Lothric. He had once great influence in Lothric as the statue tells us already and he certainly hasn't given up his ambitions. In the end Gwyndolin wasn't her brother but her uncle or great uncle, giving her a fake name and a purpose to have a goal in life. Be captain of the Blades of the Darkmoon.