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She could be very well Ocelotte. "The Queen vanished after the birth of her last child, Ocelotte" the game tells us. And she was a member of the Anor Londrian god giants. A decendent of Gwyn. To were would she go if she left her husbands kingdom? Anor Londor. And would she leave her baby child behind? No. She wouldn't. Did her husband experiment with dragon dna? Yes. Do Yorshka and prince Lothric share certain body features? Yes they do. And ultimatly it would make sense to hide her before Sulyvahn. If he would find her, he could marry her and become the legitimate ruler of Lothric. He had once great influence in Lothric as the statue tells us already and he certainly hasn't given up his ambitions. In the end Gwyndolin wasn't her brother but her uncle or great uncle, giving her a fake name and a purpose to have a goal in life. Be captain of the Blades of the Darkmoon.
Except Ocelotte is literally in Consumed King Oceiros’ hand during the boss fight, so there goes that theory. You did pretty good work coming up with it, though.
The fact that her dress resembles a bridal gown makes me worry that Sulyvahn imprisoned her to marry her off to Aldrich or something... which makes it especially creepy if she thinks of Gwyndolin as her elder brother. "For what monarch taketh no spouse?" I bet Aldrich would have been okay with becoming the Lord of Hollows, considering he specifically destroyed the gods and refuses to link the Fire... Maybe he needed Yorshka to complete this task, but Yuria decided that you must be the destined Lord, or if you've angered her, she gives up when Aldrich, her second choice, is destroyed?

On the other hand, it's evident that Yorshka has some relation, perhaps not by blood, to each Priscilla, Ariamis, and the nameless Painter. Sulyvahn (btw I love that his name is spelled three different ways in one paragraph in the trivia) is a native of the Painted World, so it's possible that he took Yorshka from this world long ago, maybe even with her consent, back before he became obsessed with the Profaned Flame. Maybe Sulyvahn once cooperated with the Darkmoon Knights alongside Yorshka, but betrayed Gwyndolin when he discovered his self-will in the Profaned Flame. With this in mind, could it be possible that Sulyvahn bargained with Aldrich to spare Yorshka if only to make her his bride?

Thank goodness Yorshka is about as clueless as a thumbtack, because there's an awful lot of misery lurking in her shadow.
i can provide thee succ
A crossbreed would have to be related to another crossbreed because the dragons have basically died out
So, Priscilla may be The mother but, who is the father you ask? it most likely Gwyndolin because as Aldrich devoured Gwyndolin he dreamed of a pale girl in hiding, but I know people will say but Gwyndolin is her brother
So, I will say this she believes Gwyndolin is her brother
Regardless of her heritage, Company Captain Yorshka = Best Waifu
I had the npc who teaches me the emote go hostile. Am I out of luck in joining the Darkmoon? Or is there another way I could learn the emote?
There is another way you can learn the emote!

Requesting absolution at Velka's statue turns hostile npc friendly again. If you killed Sirris already thenthe it's off to ng+ with you.
How do I get the gesture to join the covenant if Sirrus left after I joined the rosaria's fingers covenant? (Trying to get the ring for my pyromancer)
You Don't.
i bet some one tried trolling but the victim fell on the bridge then they figured out the mystery
"I will provide thee succ."