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Does this Katana scale or get better damage when hollowed or have a certain level of hollowing? I feel like that might be something to consider when using this weapon, since the player character is considered Lord of Hollows and all.



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If you make a luck build you will get increased bleed per strike but that's it. It won't gain any more AR or better scaling. However the bleed build up will be pretty big and that's can give you some heavy burst damage vs most opponent or in PVP.
If I kill Yuria will I still be able to get "Lord of Hollows" ending? I want to kill her so I don't have to summon her for the SoC boss fight, and I also want to receive Darkdrift.
No, she's the key factor of that ending.
finish your ending first, before starting a new game+ come back to the shrine and kill her
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