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why can i not one shot with my rakuyo
I'm slowly losing my sanity, i'm currently at my 78th attempt against laurence,on ng+10 with a char that has 99 in vitality 60 in endurance and 50 in everything else, every single attack in his crawling phase still oneshots me, pls help
Git Gud

Don't ever change, Souls community.

Sir, have you tried turning the Blood Moon on and off again?
Since nobody answered, putting it out there: the difficulty is in your head. The bosses stop scaling up after NG+6, and you are on NG+10. You beat him at the same difficulty that he is on now 4 times. Respect for that, I am still on NG and having issues.
I used to save the Orphan for the last fight of the DLC, but I realized it feels so much more appropriate to discover the secret of the Nightmare, release the child of Kos, then return to Laurence with full knowledge of the blasphemies committed by the Healing Church. Not to mention that OST... If only I could turn the music volume up to 11.
Whenever he raises his arm for the ground slam + fire AoE, I just chuck my Accursed Brew at his face. With good arcane scaling, it can take out close to 900 of his HP, plus it opens him up for a visceral on the spot. As for weapons, the Whirligig Saw is ideal, since he's still a beast and therefore weak to serration, and the blunt nature of the weapon seems to help with breaking limbs.

Overall, the fight necessitates that you memorize each and every one of his attack animations, the most important discrepancy being between his walking series of southpaws, his most common attack patterns. If he keeps his left arm (the smaller, less hairy, inanimate arm) off the ground, stay back and wait for him to raise his large claw for the fifth swing, at which point you should dash in and strike just as the attack ends, likely hitting either his attacking arm or his face. If the left arm IS on the ground, he's going to belly-flop and lunge, which has incredible range and tracking. In this case, you'll want to dodge through the attack and to the right, playing limbo with his attacking arm, then beat his *** quite literally for one whole second before dodging back to avoid his revenge swipe.

Probably the most lethal attack is his surprise belly-flop, which doesn't have much in the way of a warning animation and can easily one-shot players on NG+3 and above. Laurence leaps forward and completely stretches out his legs and his long arm, landing flat on his stomach to maximize his range, possibly turning the entire length of the cathedral into one giant hitbox. I would say to dodge to the right, but the attack is so quick, you'll probably get squished anyway. I've managed to dodge and get hit just by his foot, where you'd imagine the least of his weight to be distributed, but even that manages to obliterate me at full health. Thankfully he only does this attack very rarely, but god damn is it nigh-impossible to avoid.

For the final phase, wait for him to start his crawling attack, and carefully dodge inward to the left side, behind his smaller arm. He struggles to turn while doing this attack, so simply keep close to his side while avoiding his anterior attacks and his posterior secretions (ew lol), and when he calms down, give him one good whack before retreating, as he'll probably pull a circular swing. Again, if he raises his arm for a ground slam, get back immediately, because he's still got his near-perfect tracking despite having no legs. Rush in and aim for his head after each attack. Mind that if you linger for a combo, he'll probably swipe without warning and potentially one-shot you, as always.
This boss would be so much more bearable if his screaming didn't sound like a mix between a horse getting stomped in the stomach and pig getting pounded in the butt. I have to turn off the sound after 30min or so before I get a headache, which is only a few fights because I'm on NG+4; he has the hp of a steel I beam; and he has the aoe of an atomic bomb. Two good strategies are to get in a hit and dip if you have a hard-hitting, heavy weapon or bait and punish his slams and grabs if you have quicker close-range weapons. Both ways are so tedious, and I hardly ever have the patience, or get grazed by a swipe ghostbox.
I used to think the Orphan was the best boss to end the DLC with, but it feels more appropriate taking on Laurence last. After everything you've learned about the Old Hunters, and of the secrets of the Nightmare and of the Great Ones, it seems right to return to Laurence with full knowledge of his sins. Like the Orphan, this fight is about putting Laurence out of his misery, and the OST perfectly portrays this as it transitions from his brutish first phase to the dirge-like climax of his second. It's a good way to say goodbye to an astounding addition to an already incredible game.


Music: 10
Sound effects: 7
Voices: 9
then book it to the other end of the Arena? seriously who writes these things. I cannot keep count of how many times I have cringed reading stuff that was written here.
Amateurs receiving no pay or other compensation save the nitpicking of their fellow posters lol.

So, you get what you (don't) pay for.
Who gives a*****? You searched for a guide and you got it without having to trial and error it or to buy it. Shhhhhh...
Beast blood pellet first phase. Then a call beyond 2nd phase. Was on my arcane char.
This might be a bit silly, but while still dormant on the altar, the drapery and the way he is posed makes him resemble christ in michelangelo's pieta
I was reminded of that VERY MUCH. In fact, I would be surprised if it wasn't a reference.
Wouldn't take it as a mockery. Religion has always a dark side,too. Not unlike the healing church. We rather choose not to look there. Not that Jesus is responsible for the crusades, child ****** and killing jews. But it happened in his name. It's part of this church. Seems to be so obvious for people in the far east to see that. When we are still blind. Living still in our dream. Christian or not.