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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I have been able to successfully persuade multiple times with characters that have 0 points in persuasion and only 2-3 points stat difference. Maybe you just need at least as much persuasion as the other character or the difficulty of persuasion is not based on teir stats.
Looks like some of the persuasion choices are auto fail or auto succeed, and some are chance based on persuasion skill. Seems like a pretty poorly designed system as it currently stands
In the very first room I have stolen a book next to Magister Siwan. When she accused me of thievery, I vehemently denied that. Persuasion failed and a combat was initiated. Upon reload, I got a persuasion success. That means that persuasion is a chance check.
It would be very nice to have more testing. If you still have the save, could you reload it a few more times and see if it changes again?
Maybe because you had some encourage buff or some other buffs to your attributes ?
I just whip out the D-Piece and I persuade 100% of the time.
Persuasion definitely is attribute based, In drift wood at 1 persuasion and 21 strength I consistently failed the persuasion check for the executioner but after eating a mushroom and a strength pot to get to 24 strength I passed the check. Similarly on the boat to fort joy I would consistently failed the speech check to convince the magisters hiding in the room up stairs to let me go, but after buffing my intelligence by 1 i succeeded.
It seems to me like Persuasion acts as a multiplier, perhaps x1.5 or x2 at 1 point. This would mean that it hugely influences Persuasion checks, but also that increasing your Strength by 3 points would add even more than that to the check.
I kept maxing persuasion on red prince as fast as I could ,never failed with str and con attributes ,the only time I had to reload was in that djien quest that even with passing on str check ,djien tricks you ,overall this system worked fine for me ,my only minor problem is I always have to use red prince to talk to someone first instead of my main charactor Ifan


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A few notable facts about persuasion:
- In order to succeed at a Persuasion check, you need to beat the Persuasion Threshold of the dialogue option with your Persuasion ability score.
- The Threshold depends on (1) the level of the NPC, and on (2) the option itself (some give bonuses, some penalties, some are just impossible to win).
- The related attribute (e.g. Wits, Strength, Intelligence ...) only matters if you meet the Threshold but do not exceed it (e.g. Persuasion 2 vs a Threshold of 2). It is then compared with the NPC's own attribute as a tie-breaker (you win if your attribute is at least 2 points higher than the NPC's).
- Otherwise, if you exceed the Threshold (e.g. Persuasion 3 vs a Threshold of 2), you will succeed regardless of your attribute. If you are below the Threshold (e.g. Persuasion 1 vs a Threshold of 2), you will fail regardless of your attribute.
- There is thus no randomness involved in Persuasion checks (as opposed to D:OS 1).

For a full breakdown of the mechanics of Persuasion and a list of Persuasion checks & Thresholds per area, see https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1166202484
Even though the information linked in the steamcommunity page from Futeko's post below is very thorough, unfortunately I don't believe it is still relevant in the current version of the game.The devs appears to have made some significant changes.
Since the "threshold" level of a persuasion check is now displayed, it's much easier to figure out. Based on some quick tests and conjecture, I believe the general rules of persuasion in the current version of the game works like this:

1. Different options of a persuasion choice have different preset thresholds. This applies even for different options in the same choice of the same NPC. Sometimes, certain options will always succeed, certain options always fail, and not all will lead to the same succeed or fail result. (i.e. Succeeding by threatening someone versus reasoning with them will yield different results, sometimes with very different outcomes). The game now tells you when a certain option is impossible to succeed.

2. In order to succeed at a persuasion check, you need to reach the required threshold.

3. Each point in the Persuasion skill counts as 1 point towards the threshold. Each two points of the relevant attribute ABOVE the NPC's same attribute counts as 1 point towards LOWERING the threshold. Temporary buffs and equipment bonuses count towards the total point checks, so stack up if you're trying to pass a particularly difficult one.

In order to get past Grog the troll, you chose the Intelligence persuasion option. It requires a threshold of 6.
Grog's Intelligence attribute is 24. A character with a total of 26 Intelligence will lower the threshold by 1, making it 5.
So in order to succeed at this option, that character with 26 Intelligence will also need a total of 5 Persuasion skill in order to succeed at this choice.

All of this is based on some quick testing. There may be mistakes or the game may change in future patches again. This is why I didn't add this directly to the official wiki page. Feel free to add your own correction.