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NOT weak to dark. Tested with gold, pale, and human resin. All three did almost identical damage. Either that, or is weak to all three.
Scratch that "weak to all three" part. Resins only added like 20-30 more damage. So yeah, don't use resins on this boss.
It is possible for phantoms to land a plunging attack in the beginning of the fight. However, it only does a charged heavy attack's worth of damage, which is disappointing considering you fell like a million feet from the sky
Take the plunge. They won't die.
Demon prince flying attacks and overall look reminds of dettlaff from witcher 3 b&w.
same :)
I also noticed that the more phantoms you summon, the harder it is to stagger them. The host and the others decided to gang up on the fireball demon like retards and I had to solo the laser one. I had to get him down to like 25% before getting a stagger, despite pelting his *** with a great hammer the whole time. Usually it triggers at 70-60% health. So yeah. Unless you're like on NG+5 or something, don't even bother summoning more than one phantom.
Never spammed so many normal attacks on a boss like this one. Just was happy to see my stamina bar back to full for the next 20 hits.
So, would this mean that there are only 5 demons left in Lothric?
(Before the Unkindled one slaughters them all anyway.)
Seven demons actually the Stray demon on the bridge to Lothric, the one in the the Undead Settlment, the one in the catacombs, the demon king and these three in the dreg heap so seven not five
Would recommend summoning Lapp over Gael. Lapp won't 1-shot the demons them, but he's a damn sponge. On NG+6, Lapp had roughly 60% health left.
Honestly, I found this boss really fun to fight. Decided to take him on solo and hollow. Killed him in just a few tries, looking forward to the fight in new game+
Show off :)
One of the best boss to coop, is such a fun fight.
Bossfight is awesome, but as usual, the camera leaves bad memories. The laser spitting variant of the Demon Prince has a habit of flying around and striking from above, which simply can't be seen due to the camera not going above 45 degrees. Also, their wings occasionally cover the entire screen, leaving the player blind. Still, not nearly as bad as the Nameless King, and this fight is actually somewhat entertaining.