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So does this class operate similarly to the depraved and waste of skin classes in DKs and Bloodborne respectively? Is there any hidden abilities?


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Pretty sure Pauper is "that" Class in this game. Chef is probably similar. No hidden abilities that I'm aware of.
Special abilities for the chef includes but not limited to:
Sushi Chef +10 Fresh Fish
Sauce Chef +10 Sauceyness
Pasta Chef +10 Finest Noodles
Meat Chef +10 Meat
Chef Chef +10 Yelling alot
His hidden ability is potatoes, the single best item in the game. Can you not read?
Ska def likes referenceing there other games... Maybe this is a Reference to dishwashers side kick mentor guy?
That or it could also be a reference to the movie "Under Siege" where Steven Seagal is on a battleship as "Just a cook", so he says, lmao. But most likely just a Dishwasher reference, lol.
Little did i know- the chef is actually the best class in the game. I started with potatoes and I can throw them. I threw a few at the first enemies and I died.
I *****ing love this game.
Actually the chef is one of the strongest starters, because of the poison resistance the chef gear has for granted.
Except you get the Chef's armour right after the Queen of Smiles, which is before the Woods where poison starts to be a problem.
this class is actually much better off than the pauper since you get the most cherished item in the game, potatoes
went for iron pot challenge..went for the chef for the lols...regreting everything
When hovering over the image of the potato, it says Grenado.
how fast can you throw potatoes