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Nowadays, a boss is either too easy or too hard, specifically the whiny part of the community. All you have to do is run and roll towards him in the beginning and whenever he does that attack again. Everything else should be alright unless you haven't memorized all his moves. Whenever he stands up and is about to shoot fire at the ground, don't run towards his tail, the fire will catch up with you. Instead run away from his tail. And if you're doing milimeters of damage to him, you're probably not hitting his head.


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Problem is due to his size and camera most people will be swinging their weapon in the air rather than hitting him very often (just watch the Fextra video above, that's a prime example). It also depends on AI, often Midir will just do melee or downwards flamethrower. But sometimes his AI makes him fly and use his firebreathing, this is very hard to dodge and one will often get hit by this flame no matter how proficient they are at this fight. His slashes and bites are not hard to dodge but his dash is hard to predict and hits like a truck, his AI can make him spam this dash as well. The hardest hitting attack he has is the 6 beam attack in his 2nd phase, which if one does not study will never dodge as it takes some very precisely timed dodge rolling.
I needed several hours until I defeated Midir. And at the end of the fight I had no Estus and exactly 0 HP (yes, that is possible, by using Tears of Denial). ... I wonder, what would have happened, if I anyway had taken on the Symbol of Avarice after defeating him and therefore died before receiving the souls. Would I have received any souls at all, just the souls I would receive without the Symbol of Avarice, all souls including the bonus for the helm or would I even have to fight Midir again? ...
Anyway, after defeating him, I had the feeling he's not that difficult if you stick to the following strategy: Just run as fast as possible to the end of his tale and hit his tale. At the end of his tale you are safe from every single attack he has until he turned or started flying for his fire attack. There are just two problems with this strategy:
1st: When he is flying or running away, it is very difficult to close the gap again. And I had big problems dodging his lazer attacks (when I was in front of him).
2nd: One hit on this tale caused a damage of 138 (so 115 hits in total to defeat him with this strategy). Of course I became greedy with the time and tried to combo hit is head (sometimes there is time for on or even two hits on his head on the way back to his tale) or his legs. This costed me all my HPs and Estus. And still, I was fighting him for almost 20 minutes when defeating him.
Anyway, if you don't get greedy and you don't as much problems as I had with dodging his laser attacks, Midir shouldn't cause too many problems. But it's not real fun, either.
Unfortunately, I have to play almost the whole game through again, to prove myself wrong :-D ... This said, I have to mention that I'm very sad, that there is no option to refight the bosses (except Halflight)!!!
PS: Shira was absolutely useless, the two times I summoned her for the fight! One time, she was just standing in the middle of the arena, out of his range while, I was fighting him and almost died. So I locked Midir to the location where Shira was chilling around, hoping that she starts doing something at all, but it ended up in her sudden death :-D
The death of Midir has one of the longest animations, so you did good that you didnt risk it.
I defeated him and had 0 flasks and 0 health bc of tears and from the excitement I forgot and put the Symbol of Averice on, I died lol but I still got the items and souls. I didn't have to fight him again so I just went in and got my Souls back
Thanks for the answer. In the meanwhile I found it out myself. I finished Gael during his Souls Explosion but so late, that it hit and killed me, too. Luckily my souls were still there, when I returned.

I also fought Midir again. Now with my strength build. I proofed myself right and wrong at the same time: I still needed 1-2 hours. But the difficulty is really to close the gap between you and him on time, which was the reason, why I died in most of the cases. And twice I died on the way to Midir, because I missed the ladder ;-).

At least, this time, I was able to use the Dragonslayer Greataxe. So I was able to cause more damage and what makes me proud: I finished him with a weapon art attack in the middle of his ugly face :-p
20 tries, when i finally killed it i used only one estus. Havel's Shield and a Heavy Splitleaf Greatsword at SL120.
Beat him on my 3rd attempt. Sorry but this boss is pure gabage. The stupid damage, the BAD camera and we have another ill-thought out boss fight.
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To be honest this boss isn't that hard. I beat him 4th try using only 5 estus. None of his attacks are that hard to dodge and he gives you plenty of time to heal when you do get hit. Just stay directly in front of him and bait out his attacks and you should have no problem dealing damage. I would recommend having a stamina boosting just so you can reach his head in time to attack.
*stamina boosting ring*
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I did it on first try blindfolded, one hand on my back while drinking a beer.... With a +1 caestus git gud bruh
What the hell happened to this place. I try to be helpful by offering the strategy I used to beat him and help out anyone having trouble. And then I proceed to get mocked for trying to be helpful. This community is cancer now. It was fun while it lasted.
I beat him on my first try while I was watching tv and had the controller on my feet while it was out of battery. Didn't even used an estus
i beat all the bosses first try except

Lothric and lorian 2nd try

Nameless king 2nd try

and then comes only darkeater midir with 15000 health and moves that 3 shot me

took me 4 tries to beat him though which is better than most people

all you have to do is after he attacks use a charged R2 attack nd then dodge his attack and repeat \

with +10 greataxe with lightning resin and 60 strength and dexterity i was doing 1200 a hit with a charged R2 attack on his head
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Well, if you had 60 strength and dex at that time, you were seriously overlevelled.
If he does the super mega death ray of death in phase 2 try to run under him and behind as hos laser is 90% likely to not hit you
I stil remmember what a boss was this when the dlc came out. Now every one pretends it is easy. Sure it is with all the strategies made by others.


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People who think he's easy are just blowing on hot air. Regardless of how many times one has beaten him he's still a formidable boss.
This comment section used to be mildly useful, but now it's just along the lines of:

I, uh, Beat Midir, on like, third try IF THAT, and only used like, maybe half of one estus flask, and all of this was BEFORE my first try, on soul level 3, just cause I don't feel like handicapping myself, so like, all of you, feel lesser than me, and yeah.

All of us can beat Midir by now. Stop the Self-Felatio.
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I beat him on my first try...... With my second character.......... With a Lothric knight greatsword...................... With a faith build..... Without a shield..........
Ps: sorry, it appears that this comment section is infected with trolls
Worst boss due to his INSANE damage, mobility, range, and the camera that seems to unlock and look away right as he does an attack that did over 1,500 damage.if you said this boss was easy and took you one try and less than 3 estus flasks, **** you. I will never fight this boss ever again.
i like overpowered bosses, and even more, the unfair bosses.
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