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Tried to pickpocket him...entire town attacked...
After teleporting him across to the dock, I went ahead and fought all the battles up until the Voidwoken Deepdweller. I ran ahead of him and when I was fighting, he sat back and cowered. Then, after the battle he ran to his usual spot and fell over dead. Is it possible to keep him alive?
Dear ALl; i just played into the deepest dungeons of the fort joy prison - Found Kniles- his journal AND GAWIN dead in his prison :) #betrayal to his own death - #* for not stayin after all the teleporting - 4x5 20s per teleport is a bit much.. make it 3 - :D
LOVE this game, supported the first biiiiggg time, plays without cheats :D even pirate-_-bought the second and playing skeletal to make my contribution to this AMAZING LARIAN STUDIOS _ p.s. i tested before i bought, I own all the divinity games except original sin 1 - PRAISE to this ONE studio that still makes extraordinary experiences into their games . may you live forever, and forever more; the threads of time are defined by your existence,
If you can aggro him after he betrays you, he'll teleport you over in the fight and try to fight you.