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I've been using this with a Pontiff Knight curved sword in the off hand on a 40/40 Quality build purely for its looks, even though it's more of a Strength weapon. I honestly thought I'd be handicapped, but this loadout is working well enough to score me kills in PvP and keep me alive in PvE. What I want to know is why the only two aesthetically pleasing curved greatswords are covered in hair!
it seems that it has a very bad hyperarmor. only with an poise of more than 30 it works well for me. everything underneath 30 was hitting me out of my attacks



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Seems to scale better with STR than DEX, but Sharp variant actually has 4 more AR on a 40/40 build than a Heavy variant
the flower/plant ornaments look alot like the ones of the grass crest shield.
40 Luck with +10 Bleed HCG gives 82 Bleed auxiliary.
Is it only me who keeps having flashbacks of Orphan of Kos because of the weapon art.