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I've been using this with a Pontiff Knight curved sword in the off hand on a 40/40 Quality build purely for its looks, even though it's more of a Strength weapon. I honestly thought I'd be handicapped, but this loadout is working well enough to score me kills in PvP and keep me alive in PvE. What I want to know is why the only two aesthetically pleasing curved greatswords are covered in hair!
it seems that it has a very bad hyperarmor. only with an poise of more than 30 it works well for me. everything underneath 30 was hitting me out of my attacks
Why would you not have at least 30 poise when using a heavy weapon is the question.



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Seems to scale better with STR than DEX, but Sharp variant actually has 4 more AR on a 40/40 build than a Heavy variant
Well that’s because heavy removes all dexterity scaling, so you shouldn’t build more than min dex and use heavy. 40/40 quality builds aren’t built for heavy infusions.
the flower/plant ornaments look alot like the ones of the grass crest shield.
40 Luck with +10 Bleed HCG gives 82 Bleed auxiliary.
Is it only me who keeps having flashbacks of Orphan of Kos because of the weapon art.
For those that love small details, the pommel is a lion's head.
Faraam knight cosplay here we come!
With S52D51I31F32(level 201) Dark Infusion One hand 771 two h.779 with Dark Clutch Ring o.h 841 t.h 848!! Killed the 3 winged Knights in the tower before the twins inn tree R1...Slumb.Drag.Ring,arrowed down one after one inn my 3 gamerun.
English motherf***er do you speak It? JK tho you can't even see what your writing when you get too far
the hyper armor of the weapon art is insane if you have 30+ 'poise'. bait so many people in and just destroy them.
If anyone's curious, this is great when used on a str build. At 66 str you pull 629 damage, which is very high considering the weight. It can compete with ugs damage