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Just attack them and finish them. The quest will continue.
I actually killed Kemm, Isbeil and The Sallow Man and drained their source as a bonus but all 3 still appeared for some reason
I think lore wise consuming any soul banishes them too the void as thats what the seven did to the eternals which eventually turned the eternals into voidwoken.I imagine the god king has the power to restore his followers from the void making eating the souls of people like the sallow man useless.
i would relly appreciate if i could get help on something that happened to me, im playing as a 4 man team with Fane as a main, the others are Lhose, The Red Prince and Sebille, so when i had the option to become sworn i did, this was before the academy and all good right? but i could only become sworn with Fane as far as i know, so when i get to this quest i have 2 options 1 deny the god king(this kills fane cant be resurrected and i get a choice with the 3 left, i dont want to give my source so we fight except i lost my main character, if i choose to fulfill the pact everyone instantly turns against me( EVERYONE) Lucian´s party + my own party ( Lhose, Sebille and The Red Prince) they kill fane permanently and are stuck in a fight with no enemies, i can force a fight but its a losing battle with no fane vs Lucian, Dallis, Braccus, Gareth a Gheist and 2 Magisters.
do you have swornbreaker?use it to break the bond to god king.
Yeah as others have said killing kemm isbeil and sallow man doesn't seem to stop them from appearing here...
Additional information, if your main character is dead after the fight, the main character stays dead, and the game will give you a game over screen after you have viewed the ending cinematic (probably because the party is disbanded after the fight and the remaining character is dead).
Tried ressing with a companion during the dialouge to choose your ending, the game doesn't give you any option whatsoever. If this is intended or another bug, they might need to patch this. Any ideas how I might bypass this one?
There's a glitch you can use to skip Phase One entirely and get some buffs on your main character. You can get your main character to initiate dialogue using the War-Owl Whistle which puts his/her buffs on halt. Then you can just put all the buffs you want on him. After that, you can detach one of your companions from your party and have that person approach Lucian and Co. This will make the game bug out since it's supposed to force dialogue on your avatar as well as move everyone to the center of the room, but since you're already in dialogue, nothing happens. From there, you can just use one of your companions to kill everyone and they won't retaliate. I think Lucian and Dallis always ignores your party and tries to kill Braccus so you might want to keep them alive. Kill Dallis or The Cloaked Man once you want to advance to the second phase. Now you have your avatar as buffed as you want and all your cooldowns ready to take on the cluster***** that is the second phase.
Funny glitch, I killed braccus rex with all my charactets alive, while one of the dting fron necrofire. I spoke with him, and ascended to divinity. He died meanwhile. He wasn't on the ship at the end, and no mention of him at the epilogue. BTW, if you don't kill justinia for her crimes, and complete the secrets of the dwarves, the dwarves get a good ending in the epilogue.
I just had Ifan tactically retreat close to Braccus, teleported Braccus in front of Lucian and nuked Braccus. I was barely scratched.
If you have Fane, this fight becomes really easy - at least in Classic. I have him as a Mage. Because of the fact that you have unlimited source during this fight. Just equip him with abilities like ThunderStorm/Hail Storm/Meteor, etc etc. These all cost 4 ap. So make sure your first turn - just use abilities like clear minded, rain (for thunderstorm or hailstorm if you want) etc etc until you have two AP left. Then use play dead. Play dead doesn't use up any AP AT ALL. End turn - wait for next turn, use thunderstorm then time warp. Your "next" turn, you can cast skin graft then play dead. Skin graft resets all CD and the skill itself has 0 CD. This gives you an infinite loop of abilities and never let you be targeted. Of course this can be done with other abilities, but thunderstorm is the best since it last for 3 turns as you use time warp it still triggers.

Another Tip - if braccus is too far away, just delay Fane's turn and use someone to teleport him closer. GG EZ
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