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im in NG2, so i already did hes questline, but this time i forgot to level up with him, and i killed the abyss watchers, now he is dead, but yuria is not there.... but i wanted the ending where you marry anri, but i think it will only be in the next NG
Strange, I just killed Deacons of the Deep and Abyss Watchers, then went to Catacombs, at point where you meet Anri, I talked to her then teleported to Firelink... and he is still alive! Now I'm "rainin' man" myself from the top of shrine to generate some Hollow points ;) BTW its NG+, questline with him was done earlier.
I just tested. If you kill the Abyss Watchers but DO NOT open the door to Carthus, he is still alive and you can start his questline without any issue.
I drew my strength out two times, made it like it was mentioned here, meaning that I killed the Abyss Watchers and explored the Catacombs until the hanging bridge. I didn't even come close to it, just gathered all the items and opened the gate for the shortcut. Then I checked if Yoel was still alive and guess what... He died..
I *****ed up. I didnt know who he was so when i saw him and he said "Despair filled cry/ Please, grant me death, Undo my shackles." i was like "k bro, i got you" so i killed him just like he wanted but then he said "What's come over you!" "Killing Undead for sport, accursed champion?" then i knew i *****ed up.
Great job, hero.
*****Ive just done the same thing.. I also panicked and killed him immediately even though I knew he's not hostile towards me. Does this affect my gameplay a lot?
Same thing. *****ing killed him because he asked
Them's what asks, gets.

I did it too. Terrible quest opener, he needs to try a different approach.
i dont want to be ugly, but still want to do Yuria's questline. Any ideas?
you can reverse the hollowing after you finish the questline after giving the fire keeper the "Fire Keeper Soul". however, don't do it before hand or risk cancelling it.
Don't know if this is still useful to you but, you can use purging stones or go to the velka statue it will just revert your character to the way they youse to look
use the untrue dark ring.
Purging Stones
What do if already have all stats maxed out?
Re-spec at Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth, continue to the next playthrough with at least 5 level unlevel


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He wouldn't be able to re-spec though, because when you respec you must end up at the same soul level as before the respec. For example, if Im as SL 120, then after the re-spec the SL must also be 120.

SO, if he has max stats in everything and max soul level (SL 802), then he can only end up at SL 802... which means max in everything. So unfortunatly, that anon wont be able to do this quest with that character.
In my game, i found Yoel of Londor, he appeared in firelink shrine. I used 5 times of "Draw out the true strength", then i killed the curse-greatwood boss. When i came back to firelink shrine, he was dead and Yuria was spawned. I still couldn't reached those abyss watchers. But i bought soul greatsword magic from yuria. And she is still there. Saying that i am the hollow lord or something. Is something wrong? Or did i just triggered another questline?
Seriously... read the article before posting. Your question is answered in the very first paragraph.