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hardest enemy of them all: making your character not look like a distant cousin of one of the bosses
how very true
Yo the entire site is gone, all the quick links have disappeared.
Ay it's back
we need return to Bloodborne event
one to
when i died i was like hell no i was traveling the world
i am always coming back to this game on and off and always looking to help out other hunters PSN name is J-RELA send me a friend request or a message
Im always playing this game and also always looking to help other hunter
PSN Name: Nildorien
I'm new any suggestion or tips literally just started the game 5 secs ago
Do you still help other hunters?
I started this game when it first came out then set it aside until recently. I love it! Thanks to all that helped this noob, so far.


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is there any strategy to killing the gatling gun hunter in the old hunters dlc?
You can run around the large rock that's placed right next to his starting location to keep distance and utilize hit-and-run tactics. That tends to be the most basic way to gain an advantage.
I used some led elixirs and found it easier than usual.