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You don't have to be at full hp for it to work, just very close. with my warrior who has 1045 hp the ring was still in effect at 1036 hp
Theres is a perfect niche use for this ring. It fits well in the stealth build (how i play) invisibility spell with lingering dragon crest for duration aldrich sapphire for FP regen and slumbering dragon crest for no footsteps. That combined with a luck/dex build and a nice stabby dagger is an excellent way to make your way through most of the game. Few enemies can still perceive you at more than 2 meters with the gear on, so your always at full hp



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This ring is perfect for farming, as most farm routes involve taking minimal damage
Great synergy for faith casters, since you have the most access to healing and are at full health most of the time.
Both Lloyd rings are natural equips for clerics.
in theory yes, in praxis no. you will need to play very passivly, drag the fight endlessly just to get your health up to benefit from these rings. it's possible but it is no fun for your opponent nor for us in addition to that 3 ring slots, 2 for lloyd and one for sun princess ring are use just for this effect. All in all it cripples your build too much. the only really usefull niche I see for these rings is if you play low level, SL1 runs were one hit often means certain death. There they are real life savers.
The section in notes "boost to AR is misleading" seems like its based on game knowledge prior to people figuring out how AR>RES=ABS works. If the item is increasing AR by 10% then it will change the absorption reduction/damage multiplier breakpoints in a lot of situations.

The summary is correct though. As with increasing AR in other ways, you will net more damage vs low resistance enemies and players.
LKG=*** blasting savagery
Basically this ring is useless.. just like the other one -_-
Good ring for hyper mode or glass cannon builds.



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The *****? You have to have max hp for this ring to have an effect, for hyper mode and glass cannons you have to be practically *****ing dead.
Hyper-mode builds, no. For hyper-mode you need to have <20% HP, far from 100%.

Glass cannon builds, maybe if it's a spell caster.
This ring has a use, but is it USEFUL? Depends on the situation.

In PvE, this ring is good for late game-low SL runs where pretty much everything one shots you. Good incentive really, don't get hit and you'll have bonus damage on top of being alive.

Not good for hyper builds though, doesn't even work for hyper builds.

In PvP, this ring doesn't really work unless:
A. You have a long ranged weapon.
B. You have a fast weapon and are good at dodging.
C. You are a caster and are good at dodging.
D. You are really, really good at parrying.
E. You have a really good sense of spacing.
F. You have really bad connection.
G. You are using hacks to get infinite health.
does not seem to increase projectile dmgs, tested with throwing knives and lightning urns
I mostly enjoy this ring during co-oping for valorizing damage while having no aggro. It also synergizes well with the "Sun Princess Ring" .