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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

At first when i read the description of the spell. i thought it added Additional damage TO the target. not buff the target for additional damage. a bit unclear as to what it's suppose to do.
Thanks for clarification. I thought this spell was broken and didn't do any damage. Now this spell can be great with Enrage spell and executioner talent combo.
This is a friendly buff, which was not immediately apparent to me the first 10 times I used it.

I thought it was a debuff meant for enemies.
Seems broken. I'm casting this on myself when I'm at 1 life.. The buff states 99 percent damage increase. No noticable change in melee damage. Does this only work with magic damage?

Any help?
Worked just fine with a two-handed weapon, damage per hit went up from ~50 to 85+ when around 30% health. (tested 11.10.2017)
Does anyone know if this works on summoned Incarnates?
with a necromancy of 11 (via lone wolf or items) and cast on oneself, does this heal the caster?