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why cant i see my friends summon sign? we have 2 xbox ones in the same room and have the same password yet they just don't show up, other people work fine but not ours. anyone know a way to fix this?
Is you and your friend about the same level otherwise you cant summon each other
you can use this to see which level you or your friend needs to be if thats not the case use region lock to narrow down and make it easier to find each other
if you are in an area where you and your friend have already beaten the boss you cant summon each other and some areas you can only play solo
its not something simple, we cooped the game 8+ times and i know all the rules and things about summoning, but now it just stopped working.
Are you using Red Sign Soapstone and not white? You can't summon white when password matching.
Not sure if you're still looking here or not, but the last guy that commented is full of *******. Me and my best friend ran into this same issue, and it was resolved when we plugged in a spare router that he has in his room and one of us connected to it while the other was connected to the main router, and because of this I believe it has to do with being on the same network that's stopping y'all from connecting to each other, because you can summon white perfectly fine when password matching (again, last guy that commented is full of *******), and password matching throws the regular matchmaking rules out the window by ignoring them completely (to the point where a SL1 with base weapons can summon a SL802 with maxed weapons and vice versa)
So i was playing on Boreal Valley trying to summon some guys, there was 3 summon signs, i summon 1 of them and the others 2 simply dissapear making me unable to summon them until i use the Fingers, that's a bug or i miss something?
If either you or someone in your group have a black sigil. (Gaining a free level from the hermit dude) you will slbe able to summon less phantoms
Bullsh*t. There are certain areas in the game (Abyss Watcher Farron territory) where you cannot summon 2 phantoms unless you use dried fingers. But that has nothing to do with the DARK(!) sigil. Ans we have a wiki here. Maybe check it out first before posting your nonsense.
Does anyone else think it's sort of rude to summon someone by the boss gate, then lead them AWAY from the boss to go somewhere else? That's like ordering pizza delivery from the Papa Johns two towns over instead of the one down the street.
Sometimes it is easier to summon people your level if you are to weak or too strong for the boss/mob. I agree it is rude, but why should I care. If you don't like it, then black crystal out.
Yes and no. I've had people do this where they just waste time for what appears to be no good reason, and on the other hand I've had people lead me to another area where enemies are still present and i'll get souls for the trouble ( i.e. i was summoned right in front of the old demon king, but the host led me and another phantom to the demon ruins which had all the enemies still spawned for a fair soul turnout).
I've had a couple of people that wait to get summoned, walk into the boss with me and then separation crystal out, leaving me to deal with x2 health boss on my own... I'm all for a challenge but x2 health for no reason kinda sucks
Well it isn't double health, but it scales damage too, so might as well be. That sounds like such a super d**k move
someone with 2 or more characters needs help from bosses and can they help me back?
i have 2 characters lvl 15 and lvl 25. im stuck on 2 princes lotric + sister friede.
need help, i can help with lvl 200 or 120 char (with password)
psn id: pegasus--83
anyone willing to help me to take down lothric princes in NG
Still stuck? What platform?

I'm on PC
They are easy. Git gud
Can I leave a summon sign for anyone regardless of level difference. Or is there a parameter which I have to stick to?
It has to be withing a certain level range of your character. There is a calculator for it.
Did you read the page? It clearly states there is a range.
Hello! I am quite new to dark souls 3, especially to modding it. I have it on steam with a friend of mine, and we'd like to know if there's a mod for playing the game in Co-op, instead of the Summoning way and going thru the same part of levels 2 times. Or if there's any way of summoning without an ember or the Seek Guidance spell?
Thanks & Regards
What r u casul
it would be nigh impossible, since the host is the only one that can find items, the second player would be running around with nothing. Just play normally and the way the game was intended, use a password if you have too
It would be a good idea, but probably feasibly impossible, and if you somehow did do it, you'd likely get banned since it matters in a balance sense, requiring an ember to do So. Honestly, just put in a password and only people with the same password will see your signs (does not affect invasions) and this even negates level boundaries, the higher level will just have damage and health reduced to the level of the host
Help with sister friede anyone? Xbox one
Okay Anonymous person whose name I don't know, I'll be sure to do that.
PS4 Player. Maxed level, here to help whoever, shoot me a message Teag1994
Could use help with dragon slayer armor and the champion boss in ashes if you could throw your summon down
Here some coop impressions: I tried to give my host (fresh character, amatuer ds3 player) a +10 weapon so nobody bothers us on our first half on the journey...impossible. Than I gave him an infused unupgraded weapon...infusion was lost in the process. And the downscaling of my damage and health is abyssmal. You will be reduced to living targets for twink invaders. The point was I wanted to help a newby. How am I supposed to do that now with a sl120 character that is worth nothing? And invasions all the time? And here the final nail in the coop coffin: Large areas where you cannot help. that aren't multiplayer-, coop areas. I literaly had to tell him every little detail about these parts BLINDLY! and had to hope and pray he doesn't screw up. We are now in front of the swamp area and I have little hope that this will go well (rush to the boss is no option) so we went to Lothric castle first in order to bring finaly his weapon up.
Git gud you twink
Or you can play with low sl char yourself (while helping them) . Did that twice and quite some fun .. That or just use darkhand .