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why cant i see my friends summon sign? we have 2 xbox ones in the same room and have the same password yet they just don't show up, other people work fine but not ours. anyone know a way to fix this?
Is you and your friend about the same level otherwise you cant summon each other
you can use this to see which level you or your friend needs to be if thats not the case use region lock to narrow down and make it easier to find each other
if you are in an area where you and your friend have already beaten the boss you cant summon each other and some areas you can only play solo
its not something simple, we cooped the game 8+ times and i know all the rules and things about summoning, but now it just stopped working.
Are you using Red Sign Soapstone and not white? You can't summon white when password matching.
So i was playing on Boreal Valley trying to summon some guys, there was 3 summon signs, i summon 1 of them and the others 2 simply dissapear making me unable to summon them until i use the Fingers, that's a bug or i miss something?
Does anyone else think it's sort of rude to summon someone by the boss gate, then lead them AWAY from the boss to go somewhere else? That's like ordering pizza delivery from the Papa Johns two towns over instead of the one down the street.
someone with 2 or more characters needs help from bosses and can they help me back?
i have 2 characters lvl 15 and lvl 25. im stuck on 2 princes lotric + sister friede.
need help, i can help with lvl 200 or 120 char (with password)
psn id: pegasus--83
anyone willing to help me to take down lothric princes in NG