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I know everyone has their opinions/preferences about infusions, AR and movesets, but I can kill anyone who's in my range and not minding their position/timing, because that's how stupidity work. Isn't that what Dark Souls is basically about? Not being stupid and GITTING GUD?

Arguing which fully-upgraded weapon/fully-optimized build deals more damage or is superior is like firing a single bullet from a DEagle and a Glock and arguing which bullet will HIT the target propped up 10m away faster. It doesn't matter because both bullets HIT at roughly the same time that speed becomes trivial, and Souls is balanced enough because everyone dies in 3-6 hits, 7 if your an armor/vitality jock with the balls to fat roll.

For new players, that means pick whatever weapon you want, explore builds that interest you and get comfy with them. There are stat/build/weapon calculators on the internet, go find them, I'm not google. It doesn't matter what the meta is, because the one deciding YOUR meta is you. Go find what you like and dance till your dead.
chaos dagger best crit weapon nobody can argue with that anyway XD
Forget the dark sword, raw astora straight sword, etc etc etc......
The flamberge is the best weapon in the base game.
Ringed knight paired greatswords is the best weapon in the dlc.
Go on call me a casual if you want. I don't give a f%ck.
It's true! flamberge and paired greatswords are the best weapons in the game.
Nuff said
Only a casul would assume any one weapon is best and not say a thing about playstyle. Go figure...
git gud casul kid
Like I said, I don't give a fvck if you tell me to "git gud" or call me a casul so...
Wheres the silver knight sword why cant i get it !.....
Because its not here, nor is the spear
the closest thing to the silver knight sword imo is the regular longsword buffed with lightning or lightning infused


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Maybe bcs Fromsoftware said it so ?
Isn't that what Dark Souls is basically about? Not being stupid and GITTING GUD?
almost all weapons have same movesets only some of them have different movesets and only differences are weapon arts and AR. only dlc weapons have unique weapon arts (with exceptions because vanilla has too). this makes only the weapons with high AR useful (of their weapon type) and all other low AR weapons of the same weapon type go to trash.

Like: why use bastard sword while there is onyx blade ? because bastard sword can be obtained early ? but you can get onyx blade by twinking already, so why use bastard sword ? the weapon art is good but the nuber of people get hit by that weapon art is 10. thus making pvp circle around 10-15 weapons.

what a huge setback from both ds1 and ds2...