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You actually do not get the Great Chaos Fire Orb before this fight if you follow the wiki's walkthrough. It takes you to the Cathedral before you go to the Catacombs where GCFO can be obtained. You can always go to the catacombs first and get the orb and then come back. Since I am a jolly cooperator, I will likely stick with Fire Orb and let me friends do the melee for me.
On new game plus the Ring of the Evil Eye +1 is located behind the monument with the two deacons in front of it right before the boss room.
Damn theres a *****ing invisible floor bug down to a long staircase where we meet an evangelist
I know your pain man lol
Seven things I have learnt from doing friendly-twink invasions in the Cathedral:
(1) nobody knows that the torch cures worm-bleed
(2) nobody knows that you can’t “clear” the cemetery, and shouldn’t try to
(3) nobody knows about the titanite shard in narrow outside balcony above the kickable ladder
(4) nobody knows that if you fire a single arrow/bolt at the first outside evangelist, she’ll almost always step forward, try to cast Gnawing, and fall off the edge
(5) not everyone can make the jump to the second buttress to get to the roof above the Thrall-ambush room, before the two Gravewardens, or knows the tactical advantages of doing so
(6) nobody knows that the easiest way to kill Blues is run them back and forth in front of the first giant
(7) nobody knows how careless the two Cathedral Knights up on the curved rafters are (or the accompanying Thralls), and that all you need to do to kill them is to get them to chase you around said rafters
"but you might miss it permanently if you don't pick it up before either dying or reloading the area. You shouldn't fight him here; instead wait until you go down to the bottom of the large room where it is easier to kill him."

Listen to this advice. I lost a large shard because I didn't, and did it like the first youtube result showed (swiping at his hand from the balcony). I killed him, but had barely any life and no estus left. Then an imp ju.ped out from behind a pillar and stabbed me, which killed me. I killed the other giant and found it was WAY easier to do it the normal way. No upgrade for my sword now, until I find another large shard.
If you are invading, and your host has worm-bleed, you can cure them by hitting them with a torch.
"It's worth noting that Siegward's quest can be furthered here, he's in the well nearby. He appears once you have reached Rosaria's Bedchamber and lit the bonfire."

Incorrect. He appears when one opens the last set of big doors, the ones to the left at the top of the elevator when facing towards the boss, off the rotunda.
You guys are missing a demon titanite from the giant crystal lizard.
It say down the curse Ward Greatshield place you fill find hollows patrolling, but you have to fight 2 corpse grubs which a really powerful if u do not have a torch