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Still the best weapon on game. Don't use it myself as I have a dark build. Also casuals are the ones with a dagger and shield think your parry kings
they are only casuals if they spam parry 'i go for the parry when i know ill get the parry the dagger yea thats kinda cheap but an ugs does more damage than a dagger in most situations unless its a chaos dagger then that is cheaper than anything at the dollar store XD

This weapon is *****ing garbage lmfao, the tracking has been reduced to***** and the Stomp weapon art *****s the entire weapon over
Yup, still does 1200 damage a combo, thanks from :^)
i reinforced this with plain titanite i think this might be a bug does anyone else see this?
Still more anime than the Breakdance Greatsword. Kirito would love these. I bet you Yorshka's scaly lady parts that Miyazaki probably won these off SAO's concept team in an after work drinking game.
Isn't DS basically anime now?
So these swords are from dlc or u can get them from a location?
Can some one trade one of these with me please ?here my psn id: dragon445317680
I can trade if You help me to pass few items on my new char
What items do you need?
I dont need any items i just want to pass items from my mail char to new one
Does this site allow me to say *****?


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Lol. Obviously not
Use perserverance to start powering through the blows, Fish for backstabs, and by the way they can be parried, so feel free to spam parry and get a hornet ring one-shot in. God knows anyone using these deserves a cheap death for having a cheap build.

Now downvote me, cause You know I'm right and you don't like it.
Parry? Only one handed , its impossible to parry 2 handed, i know because i learned how to counter it, just so i can use it better
I basically know every counter/strategy to use against this weapon,and parry is totally not one of them
I'm downvoting you merely because you're a *****
I usually plug the lan cable off and send the invaders carrying this kidmode weapon back to hell they came from, for this is too boring/luckluster for any professional to counter.
Lol Lil B. I. T. C. H. can't get good. Aww how sad.
Any *****ing ugs can stagger this swords moveset with it's r2
"Kid mode" says the **** who pulls *****ing cable out when an invader has an easily countered weapon



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Professional? Are you *****ing serious? It's a mother*****ing game, for the *****'s sake.....
There's a thing in the game called rolling. Maybe use it.
Way too much salt, True unplugging the cable is rather cowardice I have to admit it's quite annoying that so many people use this sword and simply spam it's thrust attack
So much salt in this page.