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Don't you get a rune by killing the NPC in the Cathedral Ward right next to the lamp?
They mentioned it in the above list.
Yes the Formless Oedon +3
The moon rune is so op.. Im blood lvl 150 and only just beat the one reborn on ng +, been using one at least one variation of it since I first found it on my first playthrough wish the silver serpent ring in dark souls did this much
the moon rune description lists the Brain of Mensis as "mother brain". this should really be changed . people are looking for factual info not nicknames
Lol. We're here for Bloodborne. Not Metroid
Is it possible that runesmith Caryll is based on Carroll from H.P LoveCraft's book "At the Mountains of Madness" I haven't finished the book yet, but this is just a theory.