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If you can't get the painting from dialogue, just steal it and kill the trolls.
Cryogenic Stasis saved Arhu in my playthrough. For some reason he was permafrosted the whole fight (not just for one turn), which turned out in our favor cause enemies just couldn't leave him alone and always focused him first, killing poor fellow in one mass source spell (Meteor Shower from Kemm or Hail Storm from Black Ring mage)
finished the fight in 1 round, Kemm didn't spawn (or it was because I already killed him upon entering Arx...)
that lever is such a *****
the first time i ran out of lockpicks so i had to look around the entire town to find some
and now it took so long to find it once more and it doesn't even appear unless you come near it.. even tho it's such an important part of the act
you can just craft some with nails or using soap+anyKey
I destroyed the picture in the fight with the trolls
Sorry for your loss
It is possible to get exp from all 3 warbringers. Normally when you engage with all 3 you can kill only 2 in combat while killing the last one put you out of combat and using source vampirism provide not exp. Here is what you need to do. Engage with all 3 opponents, kill 2 of them and drain their source while still in combat. Then kill the last one. You are out of combat now. Do not drain him now! Just wait till he start regenerating and just before fight starts again, use source vampirism on him. Now the combat started and he is killed instantly-> profit!


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Even easier way. As soon as combat stops and the warbringer starts regenerating, force-attack him. Combat will re-start with the warbringer still regenerating. Simple cast source vampirism on him and you get the XP. This trick can also allow you to fight the warbringers 1/2 at a time whilst still claiming XP for all three.
I kill the trolls before end.Tomorah is a trader with 2 accessories per hour.Plus you can steal from her.
Fighting Khemm is a pain in the ***. 2 members of my party are pushed to the back of the line every turn, so they cant attack at all. I'm forced to fight with only 2 remaining members AND you have to keep arhu alive. Tried reloading several times, can only use 2 party members. Bug?
You can pull them forward by selecting them and issuing move commands.
Get caught on upstairs. Kill all the toys which give 107k Exp EACH!! then the shopkeeper will come. Dont kill him leave him alive with low hp. Then he will talk and say all the things necessary which will give 96k exp. After he will try to escape. Put one of your party members close to the stairs. When he tries to go downstairs kill him (automatically fight will start) kill the shopkeeper which gives 77k exp. Go downstairs the toys will automatically atack you Each of them Gives 77k exp Kill them too. Then go upstairs and open the drawer with code. 5 toys upstairs , 6 toys downstairs (one of them deactivated which wont atack but kill it too it gives same amount of exp). Whole proccess gives around 1176.5 K EXP!!!!
The Warbringers where supereasy! One at a time with my "Sebille" assasin, lone wolf, they never got a turn, level 20.